Russia Rushes to Launch Giant Onslaught Against Ukraine

(Social media photo shows captured Russian tank in Ukraine)

Russia is preparing to launch a gigantic military onslaught against Ukraine in an attempt to score a decisive win.

This is meant to fulfill the orders of Moscow tyrant Vladimir Putin that victory must be declared on May 9, the day which Russians celebrate victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

Russia Prepares Tsunami Against Eastern Ukraine

Since Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Russian invaders have been soundly defeated multiple times by the vastly outgunned Ukrainian defenders.

After Russians failed to capture Ukraine in 72 hours, Putin’s brutes resorted to hellish war crimes.

Ukrainians have managed to liberate all of the north of Ukraine, beating Putin’s hordes in the battle for Kyiv.

As a result, the Russians have decided to regroup and launch a giant attack in the east with 1.6 million inhabitants.

This is exactly what is in the making at the moment. Russians are not only regrouping their badly damaged military units, but they’re also bringing any kinds of reinforcements in manpower and military equipment that they can muster.

This was made clear on Saturday by Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence, who spoke to CNN.

Budanov explains the Russians are bringing “additional troops” to Belgorod. Belgorod has been one of the main Russian hubs for the attack on Ukraine.

According to the chief of the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence service, launching from Belgorod in Russia, Putin’s hordes are going to target first the town of Izyum, in Eastern Ukraine, plus Kharkiv.

After that, if successful, the Russians will seek to completely capture Mariupol, which has been heroically withstanding the Russian attacks for weeks now, even though it was completely surrounded by the very start of the war.

If the Russians manage to secure the entire Eastern Ukraine between Kharkiv and Mariupol, then they are going to seek to make another attempt to capture the capital Kyiv by advancing from the southeast to the northwest.

(Social media photo shows destroyed Russian tank’s turret in Ukraine)

Putin’s ‘Tremendous, Last-Ditch Push’

Rebekah Koffler, a US expert on Russia and former officer of the Defense Intelligence Agency, told Fox News that Putin is putting huge pressure on his military to score a decisive victory by May 9.

Koffler cautioned that May 9 is always used as an occasion to show off Russia’s military power. This is why the Russian hordes in Ukraine are now under “tremendous pressure” to provide victories to be used to that propaganda end, as well as for Putin’s “legacy.”

Of course, Putin’s “legacy”, after 22 years in power in Russia, has now been branded forever by his horrifying war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity in Ukraine’s Bucha and dozens of other places.

Michael Clarke, a defense analyst professor, is also quoted as saying Putin is now “desperate” to receive something “out of this war” in time for May 9.

Koffler pointed to recent comments by top-ranking Russian officials as indicating there is going to be a huge “escalation” and last-ditch push for Putin’s war goals, including a likely devastating attack on Odesa in southwest Ukraine.