Russia Resorts to Syrian Experts Amid Failing in Ukraine War

(Syrian Network for Human Rights)

Struggling for any tangible win in its war of aggression against freedom-loving, democratic Ukraine, Russia and its murderous ruler, Vladimir Putin, are increasingly starting to play dirty.

They resorted to the expertise of Syrian experts on the so-called “barrel bombs.” These are very low-tech, highly destructive weapons that can wreak havoc on Ukrainian troops and civilians alike.

Russia’s Hellish Aggression in Ukraine Increasingly Frustrated

Russian commanders are struggling to find a way to achieve any sort of breakthrough in the war that is rapidly morphing into an unmitigated disaster for Moscow.

The initial Russian invasion from the north, east, and south failed. Ukrainians completely defeated the invaders in the north. Therefore, since early April, the entire Russian strategy has been focused on a massive offensive to conquer the Donbass region.

In the words of Ukraine’s plucky President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, fighting in the Donbass region is extremely ferocious.

The Russians are seemingly throwing in the fight their last reserves. Meanwhile, Ukrainian troops are managing to hold the front, even as they may be yielding some ground here and there.

In its search for how to break the Ukrainian line, the Putin regime sought help from Syria.

Its own murderous dictatorship, led by President Bashar al-Assad, was rescued in 2015 when Russia intervened on his side in the Syrian Civil War.

Russians Seek to Use Deadly Crude Syrian DIY Weapon

War in Ukraine has awoken the world to monstrous war crimes and acts of genocide committed by the Russian military. Therefore, it is worth noting that Russian forces have been committing war crimes in Syria for several years now.

The Putin regime already tried to recruit tens of thousands of Syrian Arab fighters for the war in Ukraine, but those efforts appear to have produced few results.

More recently, however, some 50 Syrian experts on “barrel bombs” traveled to Moscow, seemingly to consult Russians on how to use these weapons against Ukraine, according to a report by The Guardian.

Western intelligence services reportedly became aware of the arrival of Syrian specialists on crude bombs in Russia. This is why the United States and its NATO allies in Europe warned Putin’s regime against the use of chemical weapons in Ukraine.

Barrel bombs are described as “drums” stuffed with crude explosives and shrapnel, which weigh between 750 and 1,500 pounds.

The low-tech, DIY, highly destructive bombs in question are usually dropped from helicopters. They can obliterate all in their way within a radius of 800 feet.

Apart from explosives, the regime of bloody Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is also known to have packed its barrel bombs with chemical weapons, including chlorine.

The Assad regime naturally denied using barrel bombs in the Syrian Civil War, which first erupted as civil unrest back in 2011, during the so-called Arab Spring protests.

It remains unclear how much barrel bombs could work or could even be deployed by Russia against Ukraine.

Unlike Syrian opposition rebels, Ukrainians have highly efficient, anti-aircraft forces. These forces allow them to shoot down Russian helicopters and warplanes on a daily basis.

However, the exposure of Syrian barrel bomb experts’ visits to Russia laid bare the desire of the Putin regime to use ever dirtier tricks.

Russia is getting desperate with its inability to beat the courageous Ukrainians.