Russia Plans Bloody False Flag Attacks to Mobilize Russia Against Ukraine

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s intelligence service, FSB, may be planning to carry out several bloody false flag operations on Russian soil in order to blame them on Ukraine.

This will be done to mobilize Russia – both figuratively and literally – as its invasion of Ukraine has gone terribly awry, according to a whistleblower’s revelations.

Big False Flag Operations Plausible, Considering Putin’s Failure

Amid revelations of the horrible war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Russians, Putin is now preparing a huge onslaught in southern, southeast, and eastern Ukraine.

However, according to Ukrainian experts, the Russian forces are highly insufficient for the task at hand, and the Russian attack effort remains undermanned.

The Putin regime, however, may have found a way to ramp up both its troop numbers in Ukraine and public support for the war masked as a special operation.

A Russian whistleblower with a contact from the FSB, the Russian intelligence service that is the successor of the KGB of the former Soviet Union, now claims Putin is going to kill hundreds of Russian civilians in the regions bordering Ukraine in false flag operations.

After that, the “deaths of hundreds of civilians” will be “blamed on Ukrainians”, according to Vladimir Osechkin, a Russian anti-regime activist living in exile in France.

(Video screenshot shows whistleblower Vladimir Osechkin)

Trigger of ‘Completely Insane Processes’

Osechkin himself became globally known last year, after he exposed widespread rape and other torture in Russian prisons.

If he proves to be correct again, the warning about large-scale false flag operations to claim hundreds of lives in Russia itself would be reminiscent of 1999 bombings of four apartment buildings in poor neighborhoods of three Russian cities.

The attacks were blamed on Chechen rebels and started the Second War in Chechnya, the breakaway Russian Muslim republic in the Caucasus. The same war drove Putin, at the time the head of the FSB, to popularity and taking over the presidency in 2000.

According to whistleblower Osechkin citing information from his FSB contact, the border regions of Russia, such as Belgorod, may soon see explosions in apartment buildings to kill “hundreds of civilians.”

Those are expected to be blamed on Ukraine, as well as on “internal enemies” inside Russia. This would allow Putin to impose either partial mobilization in the border regions or full mobilization across Russia.

Understandably, the potential false flag operations are going to be used by Putin’s rabid propaganda to advertise the already failed war in Ukraine to the Russian population.

The cited FSB source has urged the public and the local FSB units in the regions bordering Ukraine to watch for potential explosions at high-rise buildings.

The source cited by Osechkin also warned if the false flag scenario is realized – with Russia’s government killed hundreds of its own civilians – this is going to trigger “completely insane processes,” which will be “affecting everyone.”