Russia Kidnaps 40,000 Ukrainians for Slave Labor, Like Stalin and Hitler

(Social media footage snapshot shows improvised graves in Mariupol)

While he is devastating their country in his sickening invasion of Ukraine, Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin is having captured Ukrainians deported and used as slave labor.

This is happening in labor camps in Siberia, reminiscent of Hitler’s Holocaust death camps or Stalin’s Gulag in the Soviet Union.

Reports coming out of Ukraine are that tens of thousands of Ukrainians have been snatched by Putin’s military and deported to Russia.

From there, many have ended up in de facto slave labor camps, including in Siberia, according to the Ukrainian authorities.

This is a horrifying type of war crime, supplementing all the Russian murders and bombardments of hospitals, schools, kindergartens and Holocaust memorials.

Ukrainian Children Snatched From Their Parents

According to Sergei Orlov, the deputy mayor of Mariupol, Russian troops have forcibly abducted those civilians still remaining in the city.

Last week, Iryna Vereshchuk, the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, said up to 400,000 Ukrainian civilians may be held as hostages by Putin.

According to Mariupol’s deputy mayor Sergei Orlov, at least 40,000 Ukrainians have been abducted by the Russian military from the Sea of Azov city, alone. He cited accounts from locals who witnessed the abductions or have been kidnapped themselves by Putin’s brutes.

According to them, those abducted are taken to Russia and forced to work as slave laborers for the Russian government “in depressed areas” if they want to survive.

However, even more appalling is the fact Russians are seizing Ukrainian children from their parents.

Orlov emphasized the Russians have taken hundreds of children, many of them kindergarten-age, to a hospital in the city of Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine and keeping them far from their parents.

He stressed the Russians haven’t just obliterated the Ukrainian city, but are now also taking away its people in order to force the remaining defenders to surrender.

The Ukrainian children separated from their parents are kept with Russian war orphans; their parents are shipped off to work in menial labor jobs as far away as Siberia, thousands of miles away from their kids.

(Snapshot from social media footage shows a dead body in the street in Mariupol)

Putin is Taking Ukraine’s People

Orlov detailed how the suffering of those still fighting on in Mariupol is “intolerable”. He noted the last time somebody “terrorized” this many people and moved them around Europe was under the Nazis during World War II.

Barely a month ago, the residents of Mariupol were “living happily.” Now, they’re razed to the ground, solely because of the sickening desires of Russia’s tyrant Putin.

Orlov also told gun-wrenching stories of young mothers being unable to nurse their infants and of him being unable to offer them any kind of help.

At present, the UN confirmed at least 36 cases in which Russians have abducted civilians, but the true number of such crimes is tremendously higher.

According to the head of ZMINA, a Ukrainian human rights group, Tetiana Pechonchyk, Putin is seizing Ukraine’s people to use as slaves, since he is unable to seize Ukraine itself.