Russia Finally Proclaimed ‘Terrorist State’ as Putin Suffers Huge Losses in Ukraine

(Snapshot from Ukrainian President Zelenskyy's speech to the EU Parliament)

Russia, a country that has been exporting terrorism, horrors, and suffering all around the globe for at least a full century now, has finally been declared what it is – a terrorist state.

This was done by no other than Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the courageous, lionhearted leader of Ukraine, the nation in a life and death struggle with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Zelenskyy declared Russia a “terrorist state” in a video posted online.

He elaborated on his nation’s fight for freedom on Tuesday in an impassioned speech he gave remotely to members of the European Parliament, the legislature of the European Union.

Inflicting Staggering Losses upon the Russian Aggressors

His video address and the European Parliament speech came just as the Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced the staggering losses that Ukraine’s military and civilian forces managed to inflict upon the Russian invaders.

Ukrainians have killed 5,710 Russian soldiers and captured more than 200 others. The Ukrainian forces also managed to destroy 29 Russian military planes, 29 attack helicopters, 198 tanks, and 846 other armored vehicles, such as BMPs, rocket launchers, or trucks.

At the same time, the Russian forces are subjecting Kyiv and Kharkiv to heavy shelling and bombardment, including civilian targets such as hospitals and schools, which is technically a war crime.

(Photo by Ukrainian Emergency Situations Ministry shows destruction in downtown Kharkiv caused by Russian bombing)

Ukrainians Sacrificing for Values, Rights, Freedom

Zelenskyy lambasted “terrorist state” Russia in particular for the bombardment of the city administration in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city.

The Ukrainian president said the shelling of Kharkiv was nothing but “open, undisguised terror” on part of Putin, and stated Ukraine will never forgive or forget that.

In a previous video address, Zelenskyy already accused Putin of committing war crimes. He vowed there will be an international tribunal for all the war crimes and other violations of international law committed by Russia in its unprovoked attack of Ukraine.

Speaking in a direct online address to the European Parliament, the plucky Ukrainian leader called upon the European Union, the club of 27 wealthy, democratic European nations to admit Ukraine.

While the process of admission into the EU usually takes many years of formal negotiations, Ukraine hadn’t even been recognized as a candidate country by the European Union.

However, later on Tuesday, EU officials declared the candidate status has been granted in a move which is certain to infuriate Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

In his speech to the EU Parliament, Zelenskyy declared he and his nation are living out every single day as if it is their last day. Ukrainians are sacrificing their lives “for values, rights, and freedoms” that Europeans and Westerners already enjoy.

He said Ukraine would be alone if it’s not accepted in the EU, and concluded his impassionate speech by raising his fist in the air.