Russia Creating False Pretext to Invade Ukraine, US Intelligence Finds

The regime of Russian leader Vladimir Putin is already working to create a false pretext in order to launch a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine, according to US intelligence services announced by the White House.

Moscow Prepping False Flag Operation

The revelation comes amid lingering threats by Moscow that it is going to attack Ukraine. Putin is using threats to seek to extract major security and diplomatic concessions from the United States and its allies in NATO.

Throughout 2021, Putin kept amassing Russian troops around Ukraine, threatening an invasion, occupation, and/or annexation.

As a result, he managed to get major concessions from the administration of Sleepy Joe Biden, such as the lifting of Trump-era sanctions on the giant Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline.

At the end of 2021, Moscow made brazen security demands from the US and NATO, including a promise that no more Eastern European countries, such as Ukraine or Georgia, would be admitted to the US-led alliance. This is an impossible ask.

Earlier this week, the US-Russia and NATO-Russia talks produced no deals. However, Moscow threatened to station Russian troops in Latin American countries, such as Cuba and Venezuela, in order to target the United States.

According to an announcement made on Friday by White House press secretary Jen Psaki, as cited by AP, US intelligence officials found Russia sent in intelligence operatives to Eastern Ukraine in order to give Moscow a pretext to invade.

At the same time, Psaki noted, the Russian propaganda apparatus is waging a disinformation campaign on social media to achieve the same end.

Biden’s press secretary declared the “concern” of the United States that Moscow is preparing “an invasion of Ukraine” and could cause “widespread” war crimes and human rights violations.

Putin Hasn’t Decided Yet, but Will Have Pretext Ready

John Kirby, the spokesman of the Department of Defense, declared the US intelligence on Russia’s false pretext operation in Ukraine is “very credible”.

The report cites an anonymous US official as saying much of the intelligence in question came from the interception of Russian communications and the monitoring of movements of people.

According to the conclusions of the US intelligence services, Russia could launch an all-out military invasion of Ukraine between the middle of January and the middle of February.

Ukrainian media also reported independently on Friday the country’s authorities think Russian special forces are working on a false flag incident in order to provide a justification for invasion.

Speaking on Thursday, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said US intelligence services haven’t determined for certain that Putin has decided to invade Ukraine.

However, he, too, declared Russia has been working to secure a false pretext for an invasion, in the event Putin makes a decision to attack the neighboring country.

Sullivan emphasized that Moscow has in store “sabotage activities,” as well as “information operations” to accuse Ukraine of provocation and aggression.

He noted this is reminiscent of the situation in early 2014 before Putin seized and annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula.