Republicans Planning to Subpoena Hunter Biden

(Daily Mail photo from Hunter Biden's laptop.)

Even though there was more than enough evidence to crack down on the “Big Guy” himself, the GOP is currently looking only to subpoena Hunter Biden on account of incoming investigations into his businesses.

Republican Representative Jim Comer confirmed this with his latest statements on the current condition of investigations into the Biden family, along with their involvement in shady money transfers with Chinese energy conglomerates.

(Laptop from hell snapshot)

The president’s son is in a lot of trouble since GOP took House majority

It’s also important to note that during his campaign, one of the visitors at Biden’s rallies dug up some info on good old Joe himself. This indicated that he was on a certain Ukrainian oil company’s board of investors, which is a claim he denied on the spot.

Unfortunately, Joe is less than likely to be subpoenaed by the now-Republican House, largely due to the fact that getting a compelling testimony from the serving president is almost impossible, according to Comer.

The former special counsel for the Department of Defense, Ryan Goodman, followed up on Comer’s statement regarding Biden, adding the testimony can’t occur, due to the presumed imposition on the presidency’s work, as well as the comity between the branches.

It is exactly because of this that the executive branch lawyers would dedicate years of their time to fight hard for maintaining the line, leading to a case that could take more than a few years to litigate.

Joe Biden stays in the clear, for now

Earlier this week, on Thursday, the Republican House announced the series of investigations into the Biden family for the nine potential violations they committed.  This is including money laundering, tax evasion, and even human trafficking, most of which can be chalked up to Hunter.

Even though the investigation is stated to be into the affairs of the entire Biden family, Comer assured the focus will be on Biden himself as soon as it is made possible.

This will allow us to see the real face of the man that threw the US into one economic crisis after another in only two years in office.

Aside from contributing to leading the US economy straight into a ditch, Biden is also to be blamed for the current situation at the southern border.

He is refusing to address this properly, assigning volunteers to help document illegal immigrants that Border Patrol caught, instead of dealing with the root cause of the issue.

It’s almost comical that we’re letting them get away with this, especially seeing as there are more than 17 pieces of evidence pointing at Joe’s involvement in all of Hunter’s shady business schemes.

Meanwhile, the left claimed Biden hasn’t been involved with any of them at least seven times up until now.

The polls are showing that around 60% of Americans believe Hunter sold influence and access to his father. 58% believe Joe played a key role in Hunter’s business dealings, most of which were with Chinese conglomerates.

You can get all the info on Hunter’s shady businesses from Peter Schweizer’s latest movie titled “My Son Hunter,” which is already available for streaming and download at a website with the same name.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.