Republican Congressman Attacked by Knife-Wielding Madman

Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin was attacked this Thursday night, July 21, during a campaign rally in upstate New York.

Zeldin is running for the governor’s seat and competing with the present governor, Democrat Kathy Hochul, in the upcoming midterms this November.

During his speech at a rally in the town of Perinton at around 8 pm, a 43-year-old man took the stage and attacked Zeldin with a knife.

Zeldin Defends Himself

The assailant was in possession of a  knife and pointed it at Zeldin’s neck. He told him that he was “over,” according to police reports.

The video shows Zeldin fighting the man off. Zeldin, along with his team, managed to immobilize the man until the officers arrived.

When the aggressor advanced on Zeldin, the two fought for a few moments before those at the event interceded and controlled the situation.

On his Twitter page, Zeldin wrote about the attack. He said how the whole tragic situation went and that fortunately, he managed to stop the man who attacked him before it culminated in something worse.

Zeldin said he grabbed his attacker’s “wrist” and was able to prevent him from stabbing him until the authorities arrived.

There’s no doubt this could have been a lot worse.

Why Was Zeldin Attacked?

Several videos were posted on social media by people who witnessed the entire scene. In the videos, it is possible to see a man wearing a black cap, lunging toward Zeldin with something in his hand. It is also possible to hear some words spoken to Zeldin.

The man said, without stopping, that he would end Zeldin’s life while holding a pointed object against his neck.

After the incident, Zeldin still had the strength to finish his speech and thanked everyone who helped him save his life.

Kathy Hochul, the current governor of New York and a Democrat on Zeldin’s election, tweeted that she condemns violence like this.

Hochul, of course, is a total hypocrite and has formerly called Zeldin an “extremist” and “far right,” both of which are leftist dog whistles that encourage violence and even led to the congressional baseball shooting in 2017 by a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter.

Hochul knows what she’s doing and it almost cost Zeldin his life.

Never allow the left to play dumb. They are aware of the darker elements of political violence and angry sectarian strife which they are stirring up and they love it.

Saying they’re against political violence is easy in the aftermath, but setting the mob on conservatives by falsely calling them “extremists” shows the true evil heart of people like Hochul.

The Bottom Line

The far left in this country is an out-of-control, racist behemoth of entitled, deranged and dangerous psychopaths.

Be careful out there.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.