Rampant Retail Crime Could Throw America into Recession, Expert Warns

(Photo Journalist John Schreiber on Twitter)

The skyrocketing rates of store theft, most conspicuously by organized crime groups, are the results of woke justice reforms.

However, they may actually take down the entire US economy by causing a recession, according to a leading retail crime expert.

Woke Retail Crime Surge  Hammering American Consumers

According to Burt Flickinger, who is the managing director of the Strategic Resource Group, the growing numbers of store theft crimes will likely lead to massive shortages and “higher retail prices.”

More specifically, the expert on Thursday told Fox News in an interview that the retail crimes would shatter the supply chain.

The supply chain has already been pushed into a crisis by the administration of Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden.

According to Flickinger, the wide-spread damages caused by store thefts are hurting both the consumers and the economy.

According to freshly announced data by railroad operator Union Pacific (UP), over the past year, Los Angeles County saw a 160% spike in criminal rail theft.

UP’s public affairs director in California, Adrian Guerrero, emphasized that in 2021, criminal rail theft in LA County shot up by more than 200%. In October 2021, it exploded by 356% year-on-year.

UP’s estimate is that over 90 delivery packages per day get compromised at present.

The damages that UP alone suffered in 2021 from criminal rail theft surpassed $5 million, not counting the damages inflicted upon vendors and their customers.

The shocking stats come on the heels of video footage showing UP train tracks in LA’s Lincoln Heights neighborhood covered with countless “looted packages” like UPS, Amazon, or FedEx boxes.

Chicago and coastal cities in California have seen a huge surge in “smash-and-grab” robberies; these are increasingly targeting high-end retailers and goods.

A 2021 survey by the National Retail Federation found a total of 57% of all US retailers reported an increase in organized retail crime since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Economic Picture Dire, Even Without Woke Crime Surge

In his warning about the scary consequences of spiking retail crime, Flickinger emphasized this additional factor is bad against the backdrop of growing gas, energy prices, and the overall skyrocketing inflation.

Inflation in December – or Biden-flation, as it is more honestly known – reached a whopping 7% year-on-year in the highest spike since the summer of 1982.

The retail security expert noted American consumers are already “cutting back” on their spending because of inflation.

Many are even struggling to feed their families, buy gas, or pay rent.

Flickinger then said retailers are getting forced to pass inflation along to the consumers, with prices skyrocketing even further and doing major damage to the economy.

He also pointed out the higher oil prices are slashing both “consumer confidence and spending.”

As of Thursday, benchmark US crude oil was over 60% more expensive than a year ago, at $86.68 per barrel. Goldman Sachs has forecast it will surpass $100 per barrel throughout 2022.