Putin Highly Likely to Nuke Ukraine

There is a rather high chance that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin might use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, as his invasion is steadily failing.

The Russian military is suffering very heavy losses, according to a key Russian political analyst.

A single atomic bomb dropped on a single Ukrainian city would be an attack mirroring US nuclear bombings of Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II, according to Russian analyst Stanislav Belkovsky.

From the Analyst Who First Exposed Putin’s Secret Wealth

Belkovsky said it seemed rather unlikely that Putin would start a nuclear war with the United States and its allies; this would be a realization of the mutually assured destruction scenario feared so much during the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

However, according to the analyst who knows Putin well, there is about a 50% chance the Russian leader would employ nuclear weapons against Ukrainians who are bravely resisting Russian aggression.

(Devastation after Russian bombing in Chernihiv – photo by Ukraine’s territorial defense forces)

Putin Just Wants to Be Like the United States of America

According to Belkovsky, a large part of Putin’s bizarre motivation for resorting to nukes in Ukraine would be he wants to be like the United States of America.

In Putin’s worldview, he doesn’t wish to destroy the West, but to be treated as an equal by the leaders of the United States and Germany in deciding the fate of the world.

Putin wants to carve a Russian sphere of influence, just as was the case during the Soviet period when Moscow controlled all of Eastern and most, if not all, of Central Europe.

According to Belkovsky, dropping a nuclear bomb is one thing that Putin is considering doing in order to be an “equal” to the United States.

Belkovsky made it clear Putin’s logic is, “the Americans can do it – so can I, or so should I”. Belkovsky himself also admitted he was unsure whether Putin would attack.

Now, in his latest interview, he emphasized he missed a very important clue revealed by Putin during his joint press conference with Germany’s new Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Moscow.

According to Belkovsky, Putin’s line of thinking is as follows: the United States, through US-led NATO, was able to start a war in Europe by bombing Yugoslavia – and now so would he, by invading Ukraine.

In his interview, Belkovsky emphasized at this point, “political analysis” is totally useless when it comes to understanding Putin’s motivations and actions. Right now, the only useful tool against Putin is psychological analysis.

Belkovsky also stated that right now, it is impossible to stop Putin; the only hope is praying to God that the Russian leader comes to his senses.