Putin’s Ukraine Invasion Force Suffers in Sh*tshow, Losing 40,000 Men

(Socia media footage snapshots show destroyed Russian military equipment in Ukraine)

The Russian military sent by Moscow dictator Vladimir Putin to invade and conquer Ukraine is undergoing a complete meltdown.

It has lost up to 40,000 troops, getting pummeled by the Ukrainian defenders, and large number of troops losing toes to frostbite, Russian planes bombing their own troops, and outraged servicemen running their commanders over with tanks.

Putin’s Loses May Soon be Impossible to Sustain

For the first time, the gigantic losses of the Russian military, according to the Ukrainian site, were matched by a roughly equivalent estimated by the West.

A NATO official told AP the number of Russian troops killed in Ukraine is between 7,000 and 15,000; the total number of the killed, wounded, and MIA Russians in Ukraine may be up to 40,000.

Military experts cited by The Daily Mail have noted if the Russian military loses 60,000 men, or about a third of its invasion force, its military operation in Ukraine will become impossible to sustain.

To avoid that, the Putin regime, while still shying away from declaring a full-fledged military conscription among the Russian population, has started to mobilize troops quietly.

However, according to Ukrainian sources, this covert conscription is nowhere near supplying enough men to further advance the invasion. Mariupol has become the site of the gravest Russian war crimes so far.

It was feared to be on the verge of falling, but the latest comments from Ukrainian sources say its several thousand defenders are still keeping up the fight with trophy weapons and military equipment they’ve managed to seize from the Russian invaders.

(Socia media footage snapshots show destroyed Russian military equipment in Ukraine)

Total S***show, All-out Meltdown

The all-out meltdown of Putin’s much feared military has been revealed by the recording of a call between Russian troops released by the Ukrainian authorities.

In it, one Russian soldier informs another that the situation in his detachment is a “complete s***show”, with a Russian warplane dropping a bomb on the unit.

More than half of the unit is suffering from frostbite as the soldiers lack sleeping tents, all while being pummeled by the relentless Ukrainian defenders.

The soldier reveals his unit had to carry the dead corpses of their killed colleagues for five days, simply because there was no service to extract them.

According to Roman Tsymbaliuk, a journalist who was the last Ukrainian reporter to leave Russia before the war, back in January, a Russian general was hurt.

He got hurt when one of his own soldiers ran him over with his tank, having been outraged by the miserable logistics and all-out failure of the Russian military in the Ukraine invasion.

The journalist claimed both of the colonel’s legs were injured. The soldier who ran him over with his tank did it in the middle of a battle; the colonel is in a hospital in Belarus.