Putin’s Troops Eat Shepherd Dogs, Rape 16-Year-Old Girls in Ukraine War

Russian soliders’ logistics to conquer Ukraine are so abysmal the troops are reduced to killing and eating dogs.

This much has been revealed by an intercepted conversation of a Russian soldier fighting in Ukraine to a male relative back home in Russia, with the conversation recorded and officially released on Thursday by the SBU, Ukraine’s counter-intelligence service.

Another call intercepted by the Ukrainians was also leaked, in which another of Putin’s soldiers reveals Russian troops raped a 16-year-old girl.

Abysmal Situation of Russian Forces

On Thursday, Putin signed a decree for the addition of a total of 134,500 new conscripts into the Russian military, but those are supposed to be for the regular annual spring draft.

Against that backdrop, Putin’s Defense Minister and close aide Sergey Shoigu – who may have fallen in disrepute with his patron because of the failing invasion of Ukraine – claimed the new conscripts wouldn’t be sent to fight in “hot spots.

That is a statement that may or may not be believed.

There is also a high probability the Russians will employ the new conscripts simply because Putin already committed almost all of his existing ground troops to his highly botched war.

According to Ukrainian sources, the Russian high command has already sent to Ukraine any forces it had available and anything it could spare from other deployments.

(Snapshot from social media footage shows blown-up Russian tank in Ukraine)

Putin’s Invaders Enjoy Fresh Dog Meat, Pedophile Rapes

The terrible logistics and food supplies of the Russian military have already been laid bare by the Ukraine invasion.

However, the tapped telephone conversations (available in a tweet below) of Russian servicemen with their relatives back home, which were released by Ukraine’s counterintelligence on Thursday, exposed even more of the pathetic food situation of Putin’s invaders.

In one of the two conversations that were leaked, a Russian soldier speaks with a male relative.

The presumed father asks whether the troops are at least “eating okay”, to which the Russian soldier replies “yesterday” they “had Alabay,” referring to the dog breed also known as Central Asian Shepherd Dog, which is used as a livestock guardian dog.

Apparently, the soldier’s unit grabbed hold of some poor Ukrainian family’s favorite pet, butchered it, and had a nice meal with it.

In a different snippet of the leaked one minute of tapped conversations, a Russian soldier speaks to a woman, presumably his mother.

He informs her three Russian tank crew members raped a 16-year-old Ukrainian girl. The tapped snippet is really brief, but the presumed mother could be understood to be at least somewhat stunned and dismayed.

The tape in question was leaked by the Ukrainian counter-intelligence service on its Twitter account, leading to a flurry of indignation.

Many of its 400,000 followers commented that Putin’s invasion force reached “the bottom of the bottom”, eating dogs and raping 16-year-old children.