Putin’s Troops Commit Genocide in Ukraine as Mass Grave Massacres Uncovered

(Photos shared on social media by Ukraine's authorities show the genocidal mass murders in Bucha committed by the retreating Russians)

The troops of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin have clearly committed genocide in numerous towns and villages in Northern Ukraine.

An advance of the Ukrainian troops and a retreat of Moscow’s forces exposed hundreds of corpses left in streets and cellars.

From War Crimes to Genocide

Vastly outgunned Ukrainians have managed to stop the Russian advances and even started counterattacking in key regions of their country occupied by Putin’s brutes.

Some of the gravest Russian war crimes in Ukraine are known to have occurred all over the map of the invasion.

The region of the latter has seen Ukrainian civilians resisting the invasion in innovative ways, including by killing Russian troops by serving them poisoned pastries and counterfeit liquor.

However, some of the most horrifying sights in the Russian war were exposed on Saturday when Ukrainian troops advanced northeast of Kyiv to several towns and villages they’ve liberated from the Russians.

All the northeastern suburbs of Kyiv have been found bearing traces of the Russians’ barbarity, with corpses of Ukrainian civilians lying in the streets.

In one case, 20 bodies were found left in a single small street in the town, with the corpses of military-age men killed in genocide-style execution committed by the retreating Russians.

(Photos shared on social media by Ukraine’s authorities show the genocidal mass murders in Bucha committed by the retreating Russians)

Cellars Packed with Mutilated Corpses

A report by UK-based newspaper The Times cited fighters from Ukraine’s territorial defense units who revealed they discovered mutilated bodies of a total of 18 people inside a cellar.

Among those were women and underage children, some as young as 14.

Anatoly Fedoruk, the mayor of Bucha, announced on Saturday night that rescue teams had to bury in mass graves a total of 280 corpses found lying in the street.

The mayor dwelled on the fate of the civilian men who were executed with a head shot to the back of their heads, including a 14-year-old boy.

Many of those killed in cold blood by the Russian murders had white bandages on their arms, a sign that they weren’t armed and weren’t Ukrainian fighters.

According to Fedoruk, the town mayor, Putin’s troops slaughtered entire families of refugees – including the women, children, and grandmothers.

These horrific murders took place as the wretched souls were trying to cross the local Buchanka river. From this point, they were trying to flee to the territory to the south controlled by the Ukrainian forces.

Earlier on Saturday, a former top UN prosecutor, who prosecuted genocide and war crimes in the former Yugoslavia and in Rwanda, said Putin must get an international arrest warrant.

This warrant needs to be implemented against Putin for the atrocities committed on his orders in Ukraine.