Putin’s Top General Nearly Killed, Humiliated at Ukraine War Frontline

Russia’s highest-ranking general was forced to go to the frontline of dictator Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

He suffered grave humiliation as he nearly got killed and had to flee for his life.

Russians Failing All Over the Ukraine Frontline

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has completely debunked the myth about the fierceness and invincibility of the Russian military.

The plucky defenders of Ukraine have been putting up a valiant fight, beating back the Russian invaders gushing in from the north, east, and south, and inflicting upon them tremendous losses.

Russians were forced to completely flee from the north of Ukraine. They failed miserably in the battle for the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, and, for the past three weeks, have been trying to launch an offensive in the Donbas region.

Ukrainians are holding the line all over the 500-mile front, and also on the secondary front remaining in the south of the country.

Early Monday morning, the Ukrainians also scored another big win in the Black Sea.

They used drones to destroy two Raptor-class Russian landing boats, each one carrying 20 troops. Ukraine already destroyed 10 Russian ships, including the giant Russian flagship, the Moskva rocket cruiser.


Giant Humiliation for Putin’s Creaking ‘War Machine’

The front in Donbas has been so difficult for the Russians that the head of the General Staff of the Russian military, Valery Gerasimov, Russia’s highest-ranking military officer, was rushed there at the end of last week.

According to Ukrainian intelligence and Russian insider sources, Gerasimov went to the town of Izyum, with a prewar population of some 50,000, which is a key logistics hub in Eastern Ukraine and under Russian control.

However, Izyum almost became the final resting place of Russia’s most important military commander. Instead of securing victory for the Russians, Putin’s general got seriously wounded by Ukrainian fire.

Gerasimov suffered serious shrapnel wounds in his thigh. He had to be evacuated in an emergency fashion from the frontline near Izyum in Eastern Ukraine, The Daily Mail reported.

One of the sources confirming the account of Gerasimov’s wounding on the frontline is a former Interior Minister of Russia.

Various reports say that Gerasimov’s life is not in danger, but he had to be flown back to Russia to get emergency treatment for his wounds.

One of the informal Russian sources said Putin’s highest commander suffered a large wound without a bone fracture in the “upper third” part of his right leg.

Earlier over the weekend, an adviser to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced a ninth Russian general has been killed in the war so far: Maj. Gen. Andrei Simonov, 55, who perished near Kharkiv in the northeast.

According to Ukrainian media, Gerasimov was evacuated from the frontline in a Mi-8 military helicopter guarded by three Ka-52 attack helicopters.

He was taken to the city of Belgorod, 20 miles from Russia’s border with Ukraine; there he boarded a military transport plane that flew him to an unknown destination.