Putin’s Soldiers Shooting Themselves in the Foot to Flee Ukraine War Hell

The situation of the once-feared Russian soldiers in Vladimir Putin’s bloody invasion of Ukraine is so abysmal they are literally shooting themselves in the foot.

They’re doing this in order to be sent back to Russia for treatment; they are even being savvy about it because they seek Ukrainian caliber bullets to fake being wounded by the enemy.

When Shooting Yourself in the Foot is No Metaphor

According to the estimates of the US Department of Defense, Putin may have already lost one-fifth of the 150,000 troops he sent to invade Ukraine on February 24.

There are 7,000 Russian soldiers killed and 21,000 wounded, while hundreds have been captured or have surrendered to the Ukrainians.

By all accounts out of Ukraine and independent observers, Russian advances in all directions have stalled, thanks to the courageous, highly efficient resistance of the Ukrainian defenders.

However, this is also because of the horrible Russian logistics; these logistics have left Putin’s troops short of fuel, food, medication, and ammunition.

A number of the Russian POWs have even given press conferences in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. They are exposing orders to destroy civilian targets, the lies of the Russian command about the situation in Ukraine, and the poor logistics.

Some POWs revealed Putin’s military has death squads whose sole job is to shoot dead those who may refuse to fight the Ukrainians.

However, newly leaked audio shows this may not be the only option. Russian troops unwilling to fight in Ukraine have come up with an “ingenious solution,” as cited by The Daily Mail.

The soldier reveals the “scheme” Russian troops have come up with. They find Ukrainian ammunition, which has a different caliber from theirs; then, they use it to shoot themselves or one another in the foot.

That way, they get sent to a military hospital back in Russia for treatment and escape the hell in Ukraine where they are threatened with being blown to pieces in their tanks by plucky Ukrainian defenders.

‘The Ukrainians Have Blown It All Up’

The authenticity of leaked audio of a Russian soldier’s conversation with his mother has not been independently verified by international media.

However, there is a very high possibility the conversation is totally authentic. It paints a harrowing picture of the situation of the Russian invasion forces.

In the audio, an unknown Russian serviceman tells his mother how he and his comrades want to find 7.62 mm bullets used by Ukrainians, as opposed to the 5.62 mm bullets used by the Russians for their AK-47s.

The soldier also reveals to his mother a number of other Russian troops have already wounded themselves by shooting themselves in the foot, not metaphorically.

He makes it clear he and some of his comrades are really hoping to be able to shoot one another’s legs, throw on bandages, and get transferred to the Budennovsk military hospital in Southwestern Russia.

The soldier tells his mother “120 people” have been transferred to the hospital in question with such wounds; he adds 350 troops from his detachment returned to Russia in coffins.

He mentions further that his unit isn’t “combat-equipped” anymore since Ukrainian defenders have “blown up” all their military equipment.

In the audio, the mother could be heard saying she intends to go to the local military administration in order to tell them she is “all alone,” so maybe they would be merciful enough to bring her son back from the war in Ukraine.