Putin’s Russia Tricks Ukrainian Civilians with Ceasefire to Massacre Them

(Snapshot from social media footage showing the Russian massacre of Ukrainian civilians trying to evacuate in Irpin, near Kyiv)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is rapidly starting to deserve the nickname “Vlad the Butcher.”

His troops appear to be deliberately tricking thousands of Ukrainian civilians with ceasefire and safe passage promises for the sole purpose of immediately massacring them.

The stiff, successful resistance of Ukraine has clearly infuriated Putin, who was actually hoping to capture the entire country in one or two days tops, leading him and his forces to start committing war crimes.

Massacre on the Sea of Azov Coast

The abjectly failing Russians now seem to have adopted a terribly gruesome strategy of promising safe passage corridors and ceasefires to allow hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian civilians to flee west, only to later kill these civilians.


This is exactly what happened on Saturday in Mariupol.

Saturday’s vicious bombing of the spots where the civilians in Mariupol were supposed to gather in order to get on buses and leave was not an isolated incident.

The same thing happened on Sunday after the Russians once again promised the Ukrainians a ceasefire and a safe passage evacuation route to the West.

(Snapshot from social media footage showing the Russian massacre of Ukrainian civilians trying to evacuate in Irpin, near Kyiv)

Putin Massacre Right Outside of Kyiv

To top it all off, Mariupol wasn’t the only place in Ukraine where this happened; the same atrocity occurred in Irpin in northern Ukraine.

This is approximately the area where a large, 40-mile long column of Russian tanks and other military vehicles have been bogged down for several days now, as it was stopped by Ukrainian defenders, and also said to have been plagued with heavy logistical problems.

Observers of Russia’s policies have reminded that Putin actually used the same tactics of lying to civilians about evacuation corridors and then massacring them in cold blood in Syria.

This was when he intervened in the Syrian Civil War in 2015 in order to save the fellow brutal regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

The horror of the civilian slaughters has been revealed by dozens of social media videos, showing the evacuees in Mariupol, Irpin, and other spots targeted with heavy shelling, missiles, mortars, and gunfire typically 15-30 minutes after the start of the promised ceasefire.

One particularly harrowing photograph taken in Irpin showed the dead bodies of a mother with her two children as they were mowed down by Russian fire, while trying to escape from the city.

Only the husband/father survived because he was wounded by mortar fire.

The latest civilian massacres in Ukraine came just as Antony Blinken, Joe Biden’s Secretary of State, announced the US government has “very credible reports” that Putin’s troops have been committing war crimes in their invasion so far, by deliberately murdering civilians.