Russia Resorts to Phosphorus Fire Bombs Against Ukrainian Heroes

(Social media footage snapshot shows "sparks" - incendiary phosphorus bombs exploding as the Russians keep bombing the Azovstal factory)

Unspeakably brave, outgunned band of Ukrainian heroes making a last stand against relentless Russian attacks are now being brutally assaulted with incendiary phosphorus bombs.

Band of Heroes Defending Mariupol and Ukraine to Death

Phosphorus bombs, i.e. incendiary devices using the chemical, are in a legal gray area because they could also be employed as chemical weapons, which in turn fall under the category of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

Ukrainian forces defending Mariupol, including the famous Azov regiment, have refused to surrender. They have been fighting Russian forces and inflicting upon them severe losses.

As the Ukrainian defenders in Mariupol kept being squeezed, they eventually found themselves in the Azovstal steelworks plant.

It is inside that about 1,000 remaining Ukrainian defenders are making their last stand more than 80 days since the start of the war; at least half of them are believed to be wounded, many with amputated limbs.

Their recent evacuation was miraculous. Russians already caused thousands of civilian deaths in Mariupol by preventing evacuations, including by promising to allow civilians to leave and then shelling with artillery the refugees’ rallying points.

(Recent photo released by Ukraine’s Presidential Administration shows some of the surviving Ukrainian defenders in Mariupol’s Azovstal plan)

‘This is the End’ For Them

On Sunday, the government of Ukraine accused Putin’s brutes in Mariupol of dropping incendiary phosphorus bombs on Azovstal.

The wives and families of several trapped heroes are losing all hope the fighters will make it out of there alive.

Aerial footage posted on social media showed the vicious Russian attack with phosphorus firebombs on the already destroyed buildings on the surface.

The video showed the so-called “sparks” – groupings of incendiary bombs. They seem like firecrackers from afar, but are powerful with multiple detonations.

In the footage, hundreds of “sparks” of phosphorus firebombs can be seen exploding simultaneously.

According to the Ukrainian government, the footage shows Putin’s forces have been using 9M22S phosphorus bombs to try to destroy Ukrainian heroes making a last stand inside Azovstal.

Against the backdrop of the perfidious, hellish weaponry used by Putin’s brutes in order to crush the last surviving heroes of Mariupol, their family members spoke out about the hopelessness of their situation.

One of those is Natalya Zarytska, whose husband Bohdan is among the fighters in Azovstal.

Zarytska told British TV station Sky News her husband is in “terrible condition” and lost nearly 50 pounds.

She thinks “this is the end” for the heroes of Mariupol who contributed tremendously to the rescue of Ukraine from being conquered by Putin’s hordes and included in his hellish, dystopian empire.

Zarytska might be right. Putin is well-known as a vengeful hater of those who have defied him.

To top it all off, Mariupol was saved from Russian occupation years ago by the troops of the Azov regiment.

This led observers to believe Putin would never allow the heroic defenders to get out alive. This made them unwilling to surrender because of the hellish torture they will be subject to by Russians.