Russia Loses Second Huge Battle in Ukraine After Battle of Kiev

(Social media footage shapshot of a destroyed Russian tank in Ukraine)

The Russian military has now officially lost the Battle of Kharkiv.

This is the second biggest battle in the war so far after the Battle of Kyiv. This one already ended in an embarrassing defeat for the Russians and a resounding victory for Ukrainians more than a month ago.

To top it all off, about one-third of Kharkiv’s population is made up of ethnic Russians.

However, even they resisted Moscow’s hordes, apparently not wishing to spent the rest of their lives in the miserable, anti-human reality of Putin’s neo-Soviet dystopia.

Ukraine Triumphs in the Battle of Kharkiv

The Battle of Kyiv lasted for over a month, with Putin’s brutes reaching the city’s outskirts from the northwester and the east.

However, they were beaten back. Ukrainians managed to liberate the entire region, exposing harrowing war crimes committed by the Russians in Bucha, Irpin, Brovary, Motyzhin, and other towns north of Kyiv.

After the Russians initially failed to capture Kharkiv, the second most important city in Ukraine, they besieged it and have been shelling it, killing numerous civilians the entire time.

With a gradual counter-attack, the Ukrainians managed to drive Russians almost completely from the surroundings of the city and all the way back to the Russian border.

A statement of the general staff of the Ukrainian military on Saturday said the remaining Russian forces in the area are now in full retreat.

According to an analysis of the “Institute for Study of War”, a think-tank based in Washington, DC, Ukraine now “appears to have won” the entire Battle of Kharkiv.

The think-tank points out Ukrainians managed to prevent Russian hordes from not just seizing the city, but also from completely encircling it.

(Social media footage shapshot of a destroyed Russian tank in Ukraine)

Ukrainians Counterattacking in Donbass

The remarkable victory at Kharkiv is now allowing Ukrainians to target Vovchansk, a Ukrainian town near the border with Russia.

This is a key railroad and highway hub used by Putin’s regime to supply the Russian forces in the Donbass region further south.

Ukrainians have even managed to stage a small counteroffensive near Izyum, the most crucial contested city in the Donbass region at present.

This is seen as a further testimony to the high capabilities and soaring morale of the Ukrainian forces, even as western and American supplies of heavy military hardware are yet to arrive.

Also in the Donbass region, Russians suffered a humiliating defeat at a crossing of the Donets River where they were trying to circle two cities – Lysychansk and Severodonetsk.

They were ambushed at the crossing. Ukrainians obliterated about 1,000 Russian troops and 80 vehicles, including many tanks.

As per the latest update of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, as of Sunday morning, after 80 days of fighting, the Ukrainian defenders have killed more than 27,400 Russian troops and destroyed some 7,000 units of Russian military equipment.

That includes 1,220 tanks, 2,087 trucks and jeeps, 2,958 armored personnel carriers, 200 warplanes, 164 helicopters, 416 drones, 555 artillery systems, 284 missile systems, and 13 ships.

The British Ministry of Defense announced in an update on Sunday that it estimates Russia lost about one-third of its entire ground force in the war in Ukraine so far.