Putin’s Russia Bombs Pregnant Women, Newborns in Starved Ukrainian City

(Social media footage snapshot showing the aftermath of the Russian bombing of the maternity hospital in Mariupol)

In a stunning new development and an unprecedented level of atrociousness, the Russian military bombed a Ukrainian maternity hospital full of women and newborn babies.

The unbelievable war crime committed by the Russians in Mariupol came on Wednesday afternoon.

Putin, Russian Brutes Know No Limits

The humanitarian situation in Mariupol has been catastrophic, practically since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

The city was quickly encircled by Putin’s forces. Its people have been starving, with no drinking water, electricity, or heating.

Meanwhile, Putin’s regime has been lying to the Ukrainians about allowing Mariupol’s civilians to evacuate, only to break respective ceasefires almost immediately by attacking and killing the evacuees.

Wednesday’s atrocity, the bombing of a maternity hospital, has marked a new low, even for the Putin regime and its military stooges.

The savage attack resulted in the deaths of three people, including one child, while 17 others were wounded. However, it is likely more dead or wounded people could be found beneath the rubble.

The only reason the death toll hasn’t been higher is infants and pregnant women were placed in the hospital’s basement; this is where the latter have been giving birth.

Harrowing footage and photographs shared on social media showed several pregnant women helped out of the bombed hospital building by the Ukrainian military, police officers, and rescuers.

One pregnant woman could be seen taken away on a stretcher, seemingly about to give birth any moment now.

In a special statement, Ukraine’s courageous President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declared the Mariupol maternity hospital being bombed as “atrocious” and indisputable evidence that Russia is committing “genocide against Ukrainians”.

(Social media footage snapshot showing the aftermath of the Russian bombing of the maternity hospital in Mariupol)

‘Absolutely Abhorrent’

Just several hours before the horrifying attack on the maternity hospital, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba said some 3,000 babies in the city of Mariupol are left without any food and medicine.

As he posted footage of the aftermath of the maternity hospital attack and evacuation of the survivors, Zelenskyy made another desperate appeal to the United States and its NATO allies to impose a no-fly zone over his country in order to prevent further Russian bombardments.

Western leaders, however, have been unwilling to go for such a move. It would entail NATO shooting down Russian warplanes, which could easily lead Putin to respond with a suicidal nuclear war and practically destroy all of humanity.

Having lost all shame and morals, speaking after a failed negotiation meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov dismissed the “pathetic crying” over his government blowing up the Mariupol maternity hospital.

In the meantime, the Ukrainian military managed to destroy an entire Russian tank regiment trying to attack the capital Kyiv from the east.