Putin’s Order to Nuke America Won’t Be Executed, Expert Reveals

Russia’s murderous tyrant Vladimir Putin has now become practically toothless in his threats to attack the United States and the West with nuclear weapons.

His commanders are going to ignore an order to that end because they think he’s either dying or very seriously ill, according to a leading expert.

Putin’s Nuclear Saber-Rattling

Putin has been using Moscow’s bulky nuclear stockpile to try blackmailing and racketing America and its western allies.

If his subordinates refuse to fire up Russia’s nukes when he orders them to, that could be a game-changer, making the West immune from Putin’s extortion attempts.

It would also make the West completely free to support Ukraine and other potential victims of Russian aggression.

The assessment has been revealed by Christo Grozev, a Bulgarian-born expert on Russia’s intelligence services and espionage operations, who works for the British investigative journalism project, Bellingcat.

Putin cannot launch Russia’s nukes on his own, even when pressing that world-famous “red button.” Doing so only initiates a chain of procedures that can technically be stopped by the respective military officers who are supposed to execute it.

There have been reports that Putin is severely ill, with cancer and/or Parkinson’s disease, and may be undergoing a cancer operation next week.

Speaking in a YouTube interview for Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon, Grozev, who investigates inner workings of Russian spy agencies and the Kremlin, declared top Russian commanders will ignore a Putin order to launch nuclear weapons.

‘We Know’ Putin’s Oligarchs Say He’s Terminally Ill

Even more notably, Grozev believes the Russian top military brass is ready to disobey Putin on any nuclear attack order.

As the war in Ukraine has been going badly for the Russian invaders, there have been fears that Putin might resort to the usage of nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction (WMD) – chemical or biological.

That might serve a number of purposes: reversing the course of the war, scaring off the West, saving face before the Russian populace, which still desires “imperial greatness,” and so on.

Christo Grozev, however, cautioned a growing number of top-level Russian security, military officials, and oligarchs close to the regime believe Putin is “dying or gravely ill.”

Therefore, key figures from Putin’s inner circle are increasingly unwilling to risk being tried and sentenced for crimes against humanity. This would come in a repeat of the Nuremberg trials that brought Nazi war criminals to justice at the end of World War II.

Asked whether Putin’s recent TV and public appearances do show symptoms of serious illness, Grozev said he couldn’t confirm that without proper medical information.

However, he revealed “we know” members of Putin’s inner circle say he is seriously ill.

One month ago, the FSB, Russia’s modern-day KGB, sent a letter to its regional heads, telling them to ignore any rumors that the tyrant has a “very serious illness.”

Grozev noted those who got the letter thought it meant exactly the opposite.