Putin to Declare ‘World War on Nazis’

Russia’s bloodthirsty tyrant, Vladimir Putin, is expected to use the upcoming holiday of May 9, the day of Nazi Germany’s capitulation in World War II, to “declare a world war against Nazis.”

Putin’s Mass Murderer Dream

The prediction in question came on Friday from British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, against the backdrop of climbing Russian manpower and hardware losses in the war in Ukraine.

Moscow still preparing for the regular, large-scale May 9 military parade.

After the Russians invaded Ukraine, plucky and valiant resistance of Ukrainians frustrated Putin’s conquest plans, leaving him fuming and demanding from his military a major victory in time for the May 9 holiday.

No such victory, however, appears to be in sight.

According to Ben Wallace, as cited by The Daily Mail, Putin may seize the opportunity of the May 9 military parade in Moscow in order to announce that Russia is waging a war against all “Nazis” of the world.

Putin’s After ‘Nazis’ That Don’t Exist

Even though the Putin regime and Russian society are increasingly exhibiting the same traits as Hitler’s Nazi Germany, ahead of World War II, present-day Russian propaganda has been baselessly portraying the government of Ukraine as a “Nazi” regime.

In fact, Putin’s propaganda stooges and the mass-murdering dictator himself have been calling the Ukrainians “Nazis” since at least 2014.

In its totally absurd claims that Nazis rule Ukraine, Russian propagandists shyly keep quiet about the fact that Ukraine’s courageous leader – President Volodymyr Zelenskyy – is Jewish.

So are numerous key members of his administration; he was elected with more than 70% of the votes of the Ukrainians back in 2019.

According to the forecast of British Defense Secretary Wallace, Putin may declare Russia’s “world war” against “Nazism” to ramp up support for the increasingly catastrophic war among the Russian population.

The UK defense chief said Putin is “failing” in almost all of his objectives in Ukraine. The “Nazi world war” option could be his only way of galvanizing whatever he has left on the front and at home.

Wallace emphasized the message coming out of Putin’s regime is their imaginary “Nazis” aren’t just in Ukraine, but also within the entire NATO alliance.

Wallace’s prediction came against the backdrop of “colossal” Russian losses in manpower and hardware, amid the ongoing heavy fighting in Ukraine’s Donbass region, according to Oleksy Arestovich, a prominent adviser of the Ukrainian president’s.

As per the latest estimate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the Russians had 23,000 soldiers killed in Ukraine and over 5,500 units of military equipment destroyed.

Meanwhile, an intercepted and leaked call between two Russian military members put the figure of those dead even higher – at 25,900 – not to mention thousands more who have been wounded or captured alive by the brave defenders of Ukraine.