Putin Throwing 10,000 Chechen Murderers to Kill Ukraine’s Officials

(Snapshot from Telegram video by east2west news)

As the brave Ukrainian people are resisting with all means they have, Russian autocrat Putin is unleashing upon them another devastating weapon: thousands of blood-thirsty Chechen brutes widely seen as eager to kill, rape, and destroy.

Chechen Brutes Serving Putin Dispatched to Ukraine

At least one squad of Chechen militants has already been set loose inside Ukraine; their task is to hunt down, capture, or kill specific officials of the Ukrainian government.

Putin, 69, has a special relationship with Chechnya, a Muslim, self-ruling autonomous republic in the Caucasus Mountains, and with its criminal leader, 44-year-old Ramzan Kadyrov.

Putin and Kadyrov are believed to be so close that a squad of elite Chechen bodyguards is believed to be the last line of defense for the Russian president.

At least 10,000 Chechen brutes are considered ready to join the fight in Russia. Observers fear they would likely be indiscriminately targeting the Ukrainian population.

One video posted on social media showed 12,000 Chechen men parading in Grozny, the capital of the Russian autonomous republic of Chechnya, ready to fight.

Other videos posted on social media showed a squadron of several hundred Chechen militants in Russian uniforms as they perform Muslim prayers before entering into battle inside Ukraine.

(Snapshot from Telegram video by east2west news)

Muslim Prayer in Forest Before Hunt to Decapitate Ukraine

According to the report on the Moscow Telegram channel, each one of the Chechen “hunters” has been given a “deck of cards” with pictures of the Ukrainian officials they are supposed to kill or capture.

The report also said the Ukrainian officials in question are “suspected of crimes” by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, their “crimes” apparently being just another of the terrible, shameless lies of Putin’s government.

Social media footage showed the squad of Chechen murderers performing their Islamic prayers in a forest somewhere in Ukraine.

They are said to have been given an order to kill if the Russia-wanted Ukrainian officials cannot be captured alive, likely in order to be paraded by Putin’s propaganda stooges on Russian state television.

The report about the unleashing of the Chechen murderers came after earlier on Friday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who has been spearheading his nation’s fight for freedom and survival, announced he is being targeted by Russian assassins.

While he was complaining about the lack of support from the West, Zelensky declared he personally is “target no. 1” for the Russian murderers sent after him, while his own family is “target no. 2”.

The 44-year-old Ukrainian leader further stated the goal of the Putin regime is to decapitate the Ukrainian state. Zelensky lambasted the Western nations for abandoning his nation to fight the full military might of Russia all on its own.

His speech in question came right at the time when the first bigger Russian military detachments started to reach the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, in an attempt to encircle it.

However, the Ukrainian military, reservists and general population have been putting up a very hard fight, resisting the Russian invaders.