Russia Lying Through Their Teeth as They Attack Ukraine

Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin unleashed his country’s military might against Ukraine in a perfidious invasion on Thursday morning.

Moreover, Putin and his officials have clearly been lying through their teeth for weeks by saying Russia has no intention to wage war against its democratic, pro-Western neighbor.

Putin’s Brief Video Packed Full of Lies

While the brief video address of the Kremlin strong was packed full of lies itself, metadata from the video reveals it was recorded on Monday, three days prior to the actual invasion.

In his bewildering video address, Putin informed the Russians he ordered a “military operation” designed to “demilitarize” Ukraine.

He repeated his blatant lies of a “constant threat” against Russia “emanating” from Ukraine. In his speech, the Russian autocrat also impudently addressed the Ukrainians and their military, the very people he set off to exterminate.

Putin lied to them, saying if they “lay down their arms”, they would be allowed to go home – slyly omitting to mention this will only last until the Russian death squads arrive.

Putin Dares to Threaten America

Apparently losing all touch with reality, Putin also dared to challenge the United States, America’s NATO allies, and all of Ukraine’s friends around the world.

He threatened that anyone from the outside who might “consider interfering” with his war against Ukraine would be facing some kind of consequences bigger than anything “in history”.

Russia’s Defense Ministry naturally and quickly joined Putin in his lies. The official said early on Thursday morning local time the Russian military isn’t attacking Ukraine’s cities, but just targeting the Ukrainian military infrastructure.

In his own address to the Ukrainian nation, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky appeared completely defiant to the hellish assault Putin decided he should commit against the freedom-loving Ukrainians.

Zelensky declared the Ukrainian people are going to “fight back”, stand their ground, fend off the Russian aggression, and “Ukraine will win”.

He noted while the Ukrainians want allies, when they are faced with an attempt to destroy and take away their country, freedom, and citizens’ lives, they will be defending themselves.

Zelensky declared the Russian aggressors will not see Ukrainians’ backs, but their faces, as they won’t flinch in the defense of their nation.

The Ukrainian president also revealed how he tried to call Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin on the phone this morning, after the Russian invasion had apparently just been launched, but received “no answer, only silence”.

US President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and numerous other Western leaders have denounced Putin’s unilateral invasion.

They have vowed to support Ukraine and hold Russia accountable for starting a totally unprovoked war that will take the lives of thousands of people for the sake of preservation of power and riches for Putin and his regime.