Putin Regime Stooges Demand Public Hangings in Ukrainian Cities

(Snapshot from social media footage shows a young child in hospital after being wounded by Russian shelling in Severodonetsk in Eastern Ukraine)

The degree of moral collapse and depravity of the Russian society was laid bare by a fresh broadcast of a propaganda state TV program.

In this broadcast, the Russian “pundits” demanded public hangings of Ukrainians resisting Moscow’s invasion of their nation.

All-Out Moral Collapse of the Putin Regime

The Putin regime has now destroyed any semblance of independent media.

However, there are still some individual acts of defiance, such as that of a brave news editor woman who just “photobombed” a live broadcast to expose the war.

Prior to the invasion of Ukraine, there were media reports citing European intelligence sources as saying Putin prepared to set up concentration camps for freedom-minded Ukrainians after the conquest of the country.

Speaking on a state-owned Russian TV channel Russia-1, a group of regime pundits shockingly advocated for “public hangings” in occupied Ukrainian cities and other atrocities against the Ukrainians.

However, due to the fact Russia’s invasion has been stopped in all directions, and they haven’t been able to seize much Ukrainian land, Putin’s brutes haven’t committed public executions.

(Snapshot from social media footages shows the shelling by Russian troops of an apartment building in Mariupol, Ukraine)

‘Morality’ Can’t Prevent You from ‘Doing the Right Thing’ (i.e. Hanging Ukrainians)

In the Russia-1 political talk show featuring six guest commentators, all of them complete stooges of the Putin regime, they called for shocking public violence, while the others were nodding their heads in agreement.

One of the commentators described as a journalist called for restoration of the “death penalty by public hanging” to be imposed by military tribunals throughout Ukraine.

He parroted Putin’s lies about the bloody war as a “special operation” to “denazify” Ukraine and argued there are many people in Ukraine who are “threatening Russian citizens.”

Perhaps he was referencing the Russian “citizens” who have invaded the Ukrainians’ very own nation and are slaughtering its people.

Other “pundits” in the program agreed with his proposal.

One remarked that Putin’s proxy Russian states in Eastern Ukraine, in the Donbas region (which have existed since his first attack on the country in 2014, the Luhansk People’s Republic and the Donetsk People’s Republic), happen to have the death penalty.

Therefore, he says that will be used “conveniently” to hang Ukrainians in public.

Another pundit who spoke later on the same Russian state TV propaganda program, a middle-aged woman, defended the proposal to hang Ukrainians in public.

She did this by arguing “morals” or “morality” should never “prevent you from carrying out the right actions.”

Forget the “humanitarian component”, the Putin stooge argued, “morality should never be in the way.” Indeed, for Putin and his servants, it never has been, in any form, not in Russia, not in the war in Ukraine, not anywhere.