Putin Mimics Stalin With Hellish Abduction Plan

(Close to 6 million Ukrainian refugees have fled west from the Russians who have managed to captured 1.2 million and take them to Russia by force.)

Atrocious Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin has a horrifying plan for the abduction of two million Ukrainians.

He plans for their deportation to Russia’s faraway regions to destroy Ukraine’s identity and use them as slave labor in concentration camps.

Those appear to be basically the same as the ones set up by for former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin in the so-called Gulag.

Putin’s Genocide and/or Gulag for Ukrainians

The harrowing plan has been exposed in a new report based on actual documents drawn up for the destruction of Ukrainians.

Had Putin’s invasion plan succeeded, the Russians would have sent Ukrainians to concentration camps in Siberia.

Luckily, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been a miserable failure, thanks to the heroic, unyielding, and highly efficient resistance of Ukrainian defenders. They already put nearly 30,000 of Putin’s brutes in early graves.

Nevertheless, the murderous, genocidal regime in Moscow appears to be kidnapping Ukrainians from parts of Eastern and Southern Ukraine that Russian troops managed to occupy at the start of the invasion.

An estimated 1.2 million Ukrainian civilians are estimated to have been abducted and deported all over Russia, including to labor camps half a world away on the far edges of Siberia.

The heroism of Ukrainian defenders has been paying off, not just in saving most of Ukraine from the genocide and crimes against humanity of the Russian murderers, but also in terms of inflicting severe losses upon them.

‘Filtration Centers’ to Weed Out Freedom-Loving Ukrainians

Putin’s harrowing plan for the enslavement of two million Ukrainian political prisoners in the event of the conquest of Ukraine – which is now being partially implemented – has been exposed by a recent Daily Mail report.

The secret Russian documents in question show the Putin regime consciously planned to commit genocide in Ukraine.

It established a total of 1,310 “transit centers” for the “processing” of abducted Ukrainians before taking them to their “final destinations” in concentration camps, or, bluntly put, death camps, all over Siberia and the rest of Russia.

Putin, a large-scale mass murderer and genocidal maniac in his own right, who denies the Ukrainian nation’s right to exist, doesn’t hide his admiration for Stalin.

A particularly harrowing “link” in the chain of the Stalinesque ethnic cleansing plans of the Putin regime to destroy the Ukrainian nation is the so-called “filtration camps” established by the invaders on occupied territories in Ukraine.

That especially applies to those parts of the Donbass region in the southeast. These have been partially occupied by Russian proxies since 2014, during Putin’s first invasion of Ukraine.

The facilities in question are used to “filter” the Ukrainian abductees and distribute them to various labor and concentration camps in Russia. In these locations, they are used as forced labor.