Putin Leading Russia Towards Collapse, Analysts Warn

Russia’s murderous tyrant Vladimir Putin is rapidly hurting his country.

It’s going towards an all-out collapse with his disastrous war of conquest in Ukraine. This united the entire world against Moscow, prominent analysts have warned.

Putin’s Ukraine Invasion Blunder

Clearly encouraged by the foreign policy and leadership weakness of Joe Biden, Putin decided to take advantage of the situation and grab for himself all of Ukraine.

Ukrainians resisted valiantly. They have been inflicting tremendous losses on the invaders, including at least 28,300 Russian soldiers killed in action and more than 7,500 units of Russian military equipment destroyed in 83 days of fighting.

The western and global public has also been terrified of heinous war crimes and acts of genocide committed by the Russian troops against peaceful Ukrainian civilians.

This led to unprecedented western financial and economic sanctions against Russia, along with skyrocketing amounts of western military aid flowing into Ukraine.

(Social media footage snapshot of a destroyed Russian tank in Ukraine)

Total Economic and Political Collapse Awaits Russia

All of those developments are going to lead to Russia’s destruction, according to a Ukrainian-born British military expert, Alexander Temerko.

He served in Russia’s Defense Ministry in the 1990s under President Boris Yeltsin, Putin’s predecessor.

Temerko forecasts in an op-ed for The Daily Mail that the Russian tyrant remains “trapped” by “myths” about Russia’s military prowess.

The Ukraine war has demonstrated the Russian armed forces are nothing but a “barbarous and shameful” bunch of “marauders and war criminals.”

Against that backdrop, Putin also managed to cause Russia’s neighbors, Finland and Sweden, to abandon their neutrality and join NATO.

Ironically, Moscow has been arguing it had to invade Ukraine to prevent it from joining NATO.

Temerko predicts that Ukraine, with western military aid, is going to take care of destroying the Russian military.

The West will, in turn, make sure to devastate the Russian economy; this is going to lead to a full-fledged “political and economic collapse” for Moscow.

Russia in Full ‘Geopolitical Solitude’

Perhaps even more remarkable than Temerko’s prediction are conclusions and warnings of a retired Soviet military colonel, made precisely on Russia’s biggest TV propaganda channel.

Earlier this week, Mikhail Khodarenok, a former air defense officer in the Soviet Union, shattered the main tenets of the Putin regime’s propaganda.

Khodarenok argued the war in Ukraine is “going badly” for Russia, while the nation is fully isolated from the entire world at the same time.

He insisted Ukraine’s military isn’t going to miraculously crumble, as Moscow propagandists keep insisting.

Instead, every Ukrainian soldier is prepared to die for their nation. Ukrainians are soon going to have a whopping one million men and women who are western-trained and equipped with top-notch western weapons and military technology.

Khodarenok even went further by insisting the nuclear war threats the Putin regime keeps making against the West don’t seem intimidating anymore, but may have become “amusing.”

Before the war started, the retired Soviet officer warned Ukraine was going to defend itself fiercely, in the event of an invasion.