Putin Hiding in Secret Bunkers Means Russia Could Use Nuclear Weapons

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin may be preparing to carry out an attack with nuclear weapons either in Ukraine, or against a country from the US-led NATO alliance.

This conclusion is based on the fact Putin and his command are said to be hiding in different secret bunkers designed to withstand a nuclear (counter)strike, according to Christo Grozev, an expert on Russian intelligence services.

Putin’s Defense Minister in the Secret Bunker Spotlight

Failing to achieve his goals – one of which is to conquer Ukraine for his neo-Soviet Russian empire – through political or conventional military means, the Russian tyrant might be tempted to employ Moscow’s vast nuclear arsenal.

Experts fear he might strike some part of Ukraine with nukes, or, alternatively, bite far more than he can chew by attacking key US ally Poland or some of the three former Soviet Baltic states – Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Some have argued Putin would shy away from using nukes somewhere in Eastern Europe, simply because of the radioactive threat the aftermath may pose to Russia, and particularly to his personal health.

According to Grozev, however, Putin and his top commanders are all safely hiding in top secret bunkers capable of resisting nuclear attacks.

These are located far to the east of Moscow – meaning they may be preparing to escape unscathed from the launch of nuclear weapons against Ukraine, Poland, or the Baltic states.

Based on information about the flights of the Russian government planes, Grozev told Ukrainian TV channel Ukraine24 that Putin appears to be hiding in a bunker near Surgut, beyond the Ural Mountains, in Western Siberia.

The investigative journalist said Putin’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who recently disappeared for two weeks is hiding in a bunker in the city of Ufa, in the southern Ural Mountains, which is 725 miles to the east of Moscow.

Grozev says this is supported by the fact Shoigu’s younger daughter, 31-year-old Ksenia Shoigu, visited Ufa for three days starting on March 22.

Her unusual visit to the city may also be lending credibility to the hypothesis that Shoigu suffered a heart attack.

Putin’s Bunkers All Over Siberia

Ksenia Shoigu has also been in the center of another hypothesis about Russia’s highest-level leadership amid the Ukraine war, namely, that he’s fallen in disrepute with the dictator.

That is said to have occurred because of the failure of the Russian military to conquer Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ksenia Shoigu appeared to express publicly support for the resistance of the Ukrainians after posting on Instagram a photo with her infant daughter in which they are wearing blue and yellow, the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Subsequently, Ksenia Shoigu banned public access to her profile on Instagram.

The journalist emphasized if Putin has decided already to employ nuclear weapons, he and his military leadership would be hidden in bunkers before the attack, not after it.

Grozev pointed out Putin himself is probably in a nuclear bunker in another location. Tracking of Russian government planes shows they turn off their transponders when they reach the region of Surgut.

There have been reports Putin already hid members of his family in a luxury bunker in the Altai Mountains.

There are also reports that back in November and December 2020, Putin took time to inspect emergency bunkers located in Sarov and Tobolsk, a few hundred miles away from Surgut.