Putin Just Survived Assassination Attempt, Cancer Treatment, US Finds

Russia’s murderous tyrant, Vladimir Putin, survived both an assassination attempt and a certain type of cancer treatment intervention in the past three months alone, US intelligence services confirmed.

This occurred against the backdrop of his military continuing to maul Ukraine, while also suffering immense losses at the hands of Ukrainian defenders.

Putin’s Grip on Power Getting Weaker

All of Putin’s recent public appearances have poured oil on the fire of speculations about his failing health.

This is thought to be due to some kind of cancer, combined with Parkinson’s disease. Putin seems to have exhibited overt symptoms recently, with bizarre hand and foot motions.

Putin’s appearance during the May 9 Victory Day military parade in Moscow was particularly striking with his sickly looks, subdued behavior, and clinging to a blanket to cover his lap.

The Kremlin adamantly denied the Moscow dictator has any health issues.

However, a report by Newsweek citing US intelligence agencies says both his advanced cancer and the fact an attempt was made on his life recently have been confirmed.

The intelligence sources are from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the US Air Force.

They all allege Putin’s health is substantially worse than western analysts previously believed.

One of the cited “senior intelligence officers” emphasized while the Russian dictator’s “grip” on power is “strong,” it seems to be “no longer absolute.”

‘The End is Near’

The source noted tensions at the heart of the Russian regime brought about by the horribly botched invasion of Ukraine generated “jockeying inside the Kremlin.”

This is “more intense” than ever before during Putin’s 22-year-long rule.

According to the cited US intelligence office, everybody in the Russian regime can now sense “the end is near,” which refers to the current state of the Putin administration.

As Friday, June 3, marked the 100th day of the Ukraine war, US intelligence officers said both Putin himself and Russia, as a whole, appear to be overwhelmed with “exhaustion.”

Official estimates by the Ukrainian government show nearly 31,000 Russian troops have been killed in combat so far. At the same time, close to 9,000 units of Russian military equipment were destroyed by Ukrainian defenders.

American intelligence sources cited in the report all confirmed there was an assassination attempt against the Russian tyrant in March.

According to previously disclosed information by the Ukrainian military intelligence, the attempt on Putin’s life didn’t come even close to being successful.

It was reportedly committed by one or more people “from the Caucasus,” a likely reference to the ethnic Chechens.

In the 1990s, the restless Chechens fought two wars for independence from Russia, the latter of which was put down by Putin with utmost brutality.

At the same time, all three sources cautioned Putin’s isolation increased since he ordered the invasion of Ukraine, particularly since it has gone awry.

This is making it very hard to assess both Putin’s health and his grip on power in Moscow.