Putin Has Three Years Left, Spy Reveals

Atrocious Moscow dictator Vladimir Putin has only up to three years left to live, according to doctors.

He suffers from cancer progressing at an accelerated pace, a Russian spy disclosed. This comes as the Russian military surpassed a whopping 30,000 of its troops killed in Putin’s war in Ukraine.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Putin’s made sickly appearances and bizarre limb motions during his recent public appearances.

Putin Going Blind, Fuming at His Subordinates

Details about Putin’s illnesses, including blood or thyroid cancer, have been practically impossible to verify.

Although, the increasingly overlapping reports suggest most allegations about his rapidly deteriorating health are likely true.

Besides being told he has two to three years left in a best-case scenario, Putin is also becoming increasingly blind, Karpichkov claimed.

The ex-KGB officer said he received the information from an active FSB operative in Russia through a “secret message”.

According to the disclosure, Putin is supposed to wear glasses because of losing his sight.

However, he refuses to do so since he fears it would be a show of “weakness.” Against that backdrop, the Moscow tyrant keeps bursting out in “uncontrolled fury” towards his subordinates.

Repeated reports about Putin’s ill heath include claims he underwent cancer surgery this month.

Real Number of Killed Russian Troops May Be 55,000

In the meantime, the number of Russian soldiers killed in Putin’s war in Ukraine officially surpassed 30,000, per the counter of the Ukrainian Ministry of the Defense.

After 93 days of fighting, 30,150 Russian invaders trying to conquer Ukraine have been killed in combat.

Oleksiy Arestovich, a military intelligence adviser to the Ukrainian government, said via YouTube on Saturday that the true number of killed Russian troops is likely higher.

Besides the manpower losses, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Russia lost an unbelievable amount of military equipment, about 8,500 units so far.

The initial Russian invasion of Ukraine from the north, south, and east was beaten back by the nation’s brave defenders in early April.

Meanwhile, Moscow has been trying to stage a huge military offensive in the southeast to conquer the Donbass region in a face-saving local win for the Russian regime.

While most of last week saw Russians making some advances, by Saturday and Sunday morning, the Ukrainians were still succeeding in holding Russians off, for the most part.

Ukrainian defenders were even already staging small-scale counterattacks. The latter development came against the backdrop of a Russian advantage in heavy weaponry of 20:1, per the admission of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Ukrainians continue to await large-scale ships of heavy weaponry from the United States and other western allies in order to defend their nation and kick out the Russians.

The next crucial type of American weaponry Ukraine is poised to receive are the MRLS and HIMARS missile systems.