Putin Gets Humiliated Before TV Cameras By Fellow Dictator in Revenge For 2020

(Video footage snapshot)

Russia’s bloodthirsty leader, Vladimir Putin, has been served a cold revenge dish.

Fellow Eastern dictator, Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan, left him hanging before rolling TV cameras for almost a minute, thus humiliating Putin over a similar incident back in 2020 when the roles were reversed.

Putin’s Iran Trip Reeks of Desperation

Putin’s latest humiliation occurred in Iran’s capital, Tehran.

The Russian tyrant went here to try to procure low-quality Iranian military drones and desperately demonstrate he is not in total international isolation after his unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

This is only his second foreign trip since the launch of the Ukraine invasion. He was welcomed by the Iranian leaders and also supposed to have a bilateral meeting with Turkish President Recep Erdogan.

While the meeting did indeed take place, it took a terrible turn for the Moscow tyrant. Erdogan seemingly decided to stand him up for some time.

Putin and Erdogan have been some of the best dictator frenemies out there, with diverse cooperation, but also constantly trying to outsmart each other.

Erdogan Left Him Hanging With TV Cameras Rolling

As it turned out, Erdogan came a total of 48 seconds later. He, therefore, ended up leaving the Russian to twiddle his thumbs and sweat on his own in front of the TV cameras rolling to capture their handshake.

This was done to Putin, the same man who loves humiliating other leaders by showing up late. He once arrived for an audience with Queen Elizabeth II with a delay of three hours.

Putin’s critics said he was left humiliated and insulted by what they saw as a bare-faced snub; others said it showed just how far his standing has fallen since the war.

More people, however, have reacted by saying the humiliation is a symbol of how Putin and Russia’s standing in the world have fallen, due to their war of aggression against Ukraine.

According to Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, the humiliation has shown Putin that his bunker is the best place for him.

After his meeting with Erdogan ended, the Russian president claimed they had made “progress” in negotiations about restarting Ukrainian grain exports through the Black Sea.

That is even though it is Russians who used their Navy to cut off Ukraine’s sea access. Russian intelligence services have been plundering Ukrainian wheat storages and trying to export the grain for profit.

Russian troops are presently just reported to be trying to destroy the new Ukrainian wheat harvest in order to starve the Ukrainians.

Putin’s subsequent words, however, demonstrated that no progress has been made whatsoever. He insisted western nations should lift their sanctions on Russia for the sea exports of Ukrainian grain to continue.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.