Putin Doesn’t Care About Killed Russian Soldiers in Ukraine

(Video snapshot shows Putin in his latest public address, in which he also compared himself and Russia to JK Rowling)

The main worry of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, as his military is doing catastrophically in his brutal invasion of Ukraine, is not the vast number of Russian troops being killed.

Instead, Putin is only worried about vast numbers of Russian military equipment units  being destroyed, according to Ukrainian intelligence information.

50,000 Dead Soldiers Not a Big Deal to Putin

Putin sent about 150,000 – 200,000 Russian troops to invade Ukraine on February 24, as part of his plan to rebuild a post-Soviet Russian empire. His plan was to seize Ukraine within 72 hours in a shock-and-awe war.

However, he was clearly misinformed by his intelligence about both the freedom-loving Ukrainians’ ability to resist and the inadequacy of the Russian military.

However, according to the unverified intelligence information of the Ukrainian government, the number of killed Russian soldiers doesn’t concern the Moscow tyrant, but something else does.

According to the estimate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the defenders of Ukraine destroyed 575 Russian tanks, 1,640 Russian armored personnel carriers, 1,131 other vehicles, and 73 fuel trucks.

They’ve also taken out 144 missile launcher trucks, seven naval vessels (including the large Alligator-class landing vessel the Orsk), and shot down 117 Russian warplanes and 127 Russian attack helicopters.

The loss of all that military equipment is what really worries Putin, according to unverified Ukrainian intelligence information shared online by Ukrainian military adviser Oleg Zhdanov.

The information claims during council with his military, Putin said the number of killed Russian soldiers didn’t matter that much.

However, he allegedly emphasized the importance of all the military equipment and ordered efforts to replenish it on the ground in Ukraine as soon as possible.

‘Significant’ Russian Losses

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s courageous leader, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, announced in a video address that the Ukrainian military is starting to retake the city of Kherson from the Russian invaders.

It was taken about a week into the war by Russian forces advancing north out of the Crimean Peninsula in the south of Ukraine.

During Friday night’s address, Zelenskyy described Russia’s losses as “significant” and welcomed new weapons deliveries from Germany.

In a surprise video speech before the Doha Forum in Qatar on Saturday, Zelenskyy urged oil and natural gas producers, such as Qatar, to pump out more energy supplies.

The Ukraine president said this is needed in order to compensate global demand for the Russian oil and gas quantities removed from the world markets because of the war in Ukraine and ensuing western sanctions.

In the meantime, western officials confirmed Ukrainian forces have killed Lt. Gen. Yakov Rezantsev, the seventh Russian general to be killed on the ground in the Ukraine invasion.

Meanwhile, a Russian colonel died after he was deliberately run over with a tank by his own troops; these troops outraged their unit lost half of its men in the Ukraine war.