Progressives Colluded With a Dark Money Group to Intentionally Stage Their Arrests

Progressive House Democrats conspired with a dark money group to stage an abortion protest outside the Supreme Court and intentionally surrender in front of the police to get public sympathy.

The group funded by multi-billionaire George Soros sponsored the protest and asked the lawmakers not to back off without giving arrest.

Dems Pre-Planned Arrests to Win Sympathy

Recently, Capitol police arrested 35 people outside the Supreme Court for blocking the road.

Prominent House Democrats, including AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib were among the arrested individuals. However, now it turns out to be intentional drama staged for publicity.

According to an Instagram post of AOC, the whole point of the protest was to let police officers arrest the lawmakers.

She noted the Center for Popular Democracy Action Fund wanted the progressive lawmakers to “submit themselves for arrest.”

Furthermore, the far-left lawmaker suggested their arrest was “very different” than a “publicity stunt.”

Before the lawmakers hit the street to jam the roads, Ilhan Omar’s Twitter account posted that multiple members of Congress would observe “civil disobedience,” “potentially including arrests.”

She also tagged CPD Action, announcing that the group would live-stream the protests.

CPD Action is a progressive group that receives more than $1 million per year from George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. As it is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit group, it is not legally bound to disclose the identity of its donors. 

After the police started making arrests, CPD Action claimed its leaders were also among 18 non-lawmakers arrested during the protests.

According to a Facebook post of the dark money group, members of CPD, lawmakers, and others were arrested for demanding the “RIGHT to SAFE & LEGAL abortions.”

Similarly, the group noted that “#WeWontBackDown” until the so-called reproductive rights of women are restored. 

While asking abortion activists to continue civil disobedience, the group also posted a link to its fundraising page on its Facebook post to make the most out of the staged protests.

Progressives Hypocrisy Touches New Limits

These staged protests reveal progressives’ hypocrisy, as they previously slammed their fellow Democrats over taking corporate money for their political agendas. 

Whereas this time, AOC also relies on taking corporate money for her political agendas.

Soros, who has a net worth of more than $8 billion, is one of the largest funders of liberal causes. He has donated more than $32 billion to many such causes, using his organization Open Society Foundations.

While progressives slam most billionaires, they are still reluctant to speak a word against those billionaires who fund liberal causes.

Meanwhile, AOC also dismissed the notion that she faked being handcuffed when a police officer was arresting her. She noted she was not faking it, adding that putting your hands behind your back is the best approach during arrests to avoid more charges like resisting arrest.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.