Pregnant Woman, Baby Perish at Hand of ‘Butcher of Ukraine’

In a particularly harrowing development in Putin’s war against Ukraine, a pregnant woman and her baby, who were injured during the recent Russian bombing of Mariupol maternity hospital, both died, spiking further worldwide outrage.

A city of nearly 500,000 people on the coast of the Sea of Azov, Mariupol got cut off from the rest of the world by Putin’s legions early on.

Its residents have been without electricity and heating, while running very low on drinking water, food, and medications for nearly three weeks.

The Russians have been lying about ceasefires and bombing evacuation convoys as soon as those would set off.

‘Kill Me Now!’

Ukrainian authorities have already collected evidence of more than 1,700 cases of war crimes committed by the Russians, but among the most shocking of those has been the bombing of the maternity hospital in Mariupol last week.

Images of the young pregnant Ukrainian woman as she was carried on a stretcher by four rescuers after the Russian bombardment have become world-famous. People all around the globe are horrified at the doings of Putin’s Russia.

The pictures and footage clearly showed the woman’s lower abdomen was bleeding as rescuers were rushing her away from the destroyed hospital building.

According to a report by the AP, the woman was taken to another hospital in the besieged city still standing, even though it is closer to the frontline.

“Kill me now!” the wretched soul cried, as she realized she was about to lose her unborn baby.

Surgeon Timur Marin, who treated the poor woman, said her pelvis had been crushed, and her hip had been detached as a result of the Russian bombing.

The doctors delivered her baby through a cesarean section, but the child never came to live, despite their resuscitation efforts. The mother also passed away shortly thereafter.

‘Fake News’ or Complete Lack of Humaneness

The hospital didn’t even manage to record the name of the woman and her unborn baby killed by Putin until her husband and her father came to collect the body. Thus, she and the baby weren’t buried in the mass graves.

Having no shame, basic human decency, or morals whatsoever, representatives of the Putin regime rejected its troops perpetrating war crimes and claimed reports about the bombing of the maternity hospital are “fake news”.

Among the pregnant women hurt in the bombing was Mariana Veishgirskaya, a beauty blogger, who luckily wasn’t badly injured and was photographed being able to walk away.

Because she was publicly known, the Russian propaganda decided to claim the devilish maternity hospital bombing was by Ukrainian “nationalists” and Vishegirskaya was an actor who had put on bloody make-up.

They have thus shown Putin, his stooges, and online trolls who make up and spread his propaganda, have lost any kind of humaneness and civility, if they ever had any in the first place.