‘Old Nutjob’ Putin Executes Military Purge, Tossing Russian Army in Chaos

(Valery Gerasimov, Russian Defense Ministry handout)

Murderous Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is an “old nutjob,” as per a quote from a Russian soldier’s wiretapped phone call.

He also appears to be carrying out a haphazard reorganization, or, rather, a full-fledged purge of his military command.

Among others, Putin seems to have axed even General Valery Gerasimov, the top military commander of the Russian armed forces.

A number of other Russian generals have been sacked; some were arrested as the mad KGB-grown tyrant remains furious his troops failed miserably to conquer Ukraine.

Putin’s Top Commander Falls Prey – to Him

Putin began what emerged as the biggest war in Europe since World War II on February 24, when he dispatched some 200,000 heavily armed soldiers to overwhelm Ukraine.

As of Friday morning, the 79th day of the war, the latest estimate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry put the number of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine at 26,900.

The most high-profile, new victim to fall prey to Putin’s rage is Valery Gerasimov, the incumbent chief of staff of the Russian military.

According to a YouTube announcement by Ukrainian government adviser and military intelligence officer, Alexey Arestovich, Gerasimov has been suspended.

There have been reports in Ukrainian and international media that, earlier this month, Gerasimov personally went to the front line in southeast Ukraine, but had to be evacuated after he got a shrapnel wound in his thigh.

Russian Commanders Stripped, Humiliated, Taken Away

Arestovich and other Ukrainian sources say their intelligence information shows that the Moscow tyrant is carrying out a full-fledged purge of the top brass of his embattled, highly flawed military.

In his words, another high-profile Russian military commander, Lt. Gen. Sergey Kisel, head of the First Tank Army of Russia’s Western District, has not only been axed, but also arrested.

That is because of the defeat of his units at Kharkiv.

Subsequently, a Telegram channel connected to Ukraine’s Interior Ministry claimed Putin sacked two more of his generals because of heavy losses their units sustained in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian counterintelligence service released online recordings of newly wiretapped conversations between Russian soldiers. These conversations reveal the meltdown of the Russian military, amid the Ukraine war.

In one of the audio clips, one Russian soldier heard talking to a female, likely his girlfriend, described Putin as an “old nutjob,” whose quest to conquer all of Eastern Europe, not just Ukraine, failed.

Another intercepted call between two Russian soldiers reveals the arrival of Russian Lt. Gen. Rustam Muradov, in its Southern Military District. He organized brutal tribunals of those Russian units refusing to keep attacking the Ukrainians.

As part of the crackdown, Muradov forced the local commanders at a section of the front to strip, humiliated them, and “took them away.”