Obamas Push Bizarre, Woke Term ‘Womxn’ While Lying about SCOTUS Leak

The Obama family fully embraced the bizarre Marxist-Communist lingo of wokeism.

This was revealed by Michelle Obama’s latest statement in which she also lied that women, or, rather, “womxn” will be stripped of the right to healthcare if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

Mind-Boggling Comments

Michelle Obama’s comments deal with the recent leak of a draft opinion of the US Supreme Court, suggesting an overturning of the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, which legalized abortion all over the United States of America.

Her statement is packed full of extremely bewildering terms and propositions, some coming down to outright lies.

Many observers on both sides of the aisle believe the growing public appearances, statements, and comments by the Obamas are setting the stage for a 2024 run by Michelle Obama.

It may even be possible that she faces one or more of the following – Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Hillary Clinton – in a fight for the Democratic nomination.

Whether Michelle Obama ends up challenging some of the other leftist extremist heavyweights in the Democrat establishment, or not, her latest statement reiterated the usual left-wing lie about abortion.

It portrays the unborn child as nothing more than an “organ” of the woman’s body – or rather, the “womxn’s body.”

Michelle’s Dreaded Future: ‘Womxn’ Barred From Hospital

Thus, Michelle Obama argued that if SCOTUS overturns Roe v. Wade, “state lawmakers” are going to be given the “power to strip womxn” of their “right” to decide about “their bodies and healthcare”.

The comment in question is somewhere between an overstretch and a blunt lie because it propagates the flawed, far-left logic about how abortion deals solely with the female body.

Michelle Obama, however, clearly goes much further than that, finding some imaginative link between abortion and the rights of women – or “womxn” – to healthcare.

She made it sound as though women will be forbidden from going to the doctor if abortion isn’t a “universal right”, as the Marxist-Communists insist.

The abortion fallacies aside, the overtly woke, Marxist proposition in Michelle Obama’s comments on the SCOTUS leak – which led to bullying of Supreme Court justices, a crime she doesn’t care to denounce – is her usage of the word “womxn.”

The word in question was formerly “women.”

However, the neo-Marxist newspeak of the American left “reinvented” it to match its perverse ideology, with progressivist communists lamenting the “patriarchal roots” of the word “woman.”

Even though it isn’t exactly clear what kind of a creature the word denotes, Michelle Obama’s embrace and pushing of “womxn” led to her being ridiculed by commentators on the right, and even by some on the left.

Thus, Patrick Ruffini, a Republican pollster wrote on Twitter that Democrat-voting Americans obviously should be expecting to be saved “from weird woke terminology” by the Obamas.

Doug Heye, a former political commentator for the far-left propaganda machine known as CNN, wondered with a “practical question” about the pronunciation of the word “womxn”.