Obama Turns Nature Documentary Host for Netflix Amid Luxury Lifestyle

Former President Barack Obama has gotten a new job, putting himself in a bizarre new role: the host of a nature documentary for Netflix.

Obama seems to be increasingly active in public once again, just as Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is underscoring one of the monstrous failures of the former Democrat president.

Nice Addition to the Obama Luxury Lifestyle

Reveling in a luxury lifestyle, Obama caused outrage in Hawaii with the construction of a beachfront mansion.

This happened after last August when his family threw him a lavish birthday bash with mass celebrity attendance. This was right in the middle of the COVID-19 infection spike and a time when fewer and fewer Americans could make ends meet.

Earlier this week, Obama revealed he is infected with the coronavirus, despite being triple-vaxxed, days after his wife Michelle Obama and their two daughters were seen dining in a super posh Italian restaurant in LA.

The 60-year-old former Democrat president has now become the host, or narrator, of “Our Great National Parks.”

This is a nature documentary produced by Higher Ground Productions, a company that Obama and his wife launched in 2018, together with Netflix and under a lucrative deal.

According to the description of “Our Grand National Parks”, the documentary will be a mini-series of five episodes. These episodes will explore some of the most remarkable national parks and nature preserves in the world, together with the animals living in them.

The trailer for the Netflix documentary series features Obama on camera; its synopsis says it is inviting viewers to celebrate “the power” of “our planet’s greatest wild spaces” across five continents.

Obama May Have Been Paid Over $100 Million for This

Among the wildlife spots to be featured in the mini-series, which will premiere on April 13, will be Patagonia in Chile, Tsavo National Park in Kenya, and Gunung Leuser National in Indonesia.

Among the US locations to be featured is Monterey Bay in California.

Netflix has never disclosed publicly how much the Obama family is getting from their multi-year deal with the streaming service.

However, in similar deals, leading producers such as Ryan Murphy and Shonda Rhimes both got more than $100 million as part of their own partnerships with Netflix.

Obama’s Netflix nature documentary was produced together with James Honeyborne, the wildlife filmmaker from the BluePlanet II series.

A report by The BBC says during his two terms in office, Obama “protected more natural” areas in the US than any other American president, with 548 million acres of habitat placed under protection.

Obama’s addition to America’s national parks includes the second largest desert reserve in the world and the world’s two largest marine reserves.

Meanwhile, many people would still love to know how much Obama is raking in from his deal with Netflix.