Obama Tries to Wash Hands of Putin’s Bloody Invasion of Ukraine

(Snapshot from a 2012 summit video shows Obama and Putin laughing together)

Former President Barack Obama, who has blood on his hands for standing idly by and doing nothing after Vladimir Putin first invaded Ukraine in 2014, is frantically trying to wash his hands of his tremendous guilt.

This comes as the Russian tyrant is now waging an atrocious all-out war against the Ukrainians.

Russia’s Ukraine Invasion Started on Obama’s Watch

In February 2014, Putin acted after months of mass street protests in Ukraine deposed his local puppet, Viktor Yanukovych, as the country’s president in the so-called Revolution of Dignity.

Enraged that Ukrainians were setting on a course of integration with the West, Putin first secretly invaded the Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea.

Then, he annexed it with a fake referendum in March 2014 and, in the following months, started a pro-Russian separatist uprising in the Russian populated areas of Ukraine’s Donbass region in the east.

Obama systematically refused to supply the Ukrainians with lethal weapons to defend themselves against the Russian military.

The only thing the West did under Obama’s “leadership” and in reaction to Putin’s aggression since 2014 was impose ineffective economic sanctions.

As a result, at least some of what’s happening in Ukraine today is on Obama.

It’s Not the Same Putin, Obama Claims

Obama himself has now made his biggest attempt yet to wash his hands of the Ukrainians’ blood and responsibility for emboldening the murderous Moscow dictator.

In an interview with The Atlantic on Wednesday, Obama, who just humiliated his ex-veep Joe Biden, stated Putin is now “unrecognizable” to him.

He claimed he had no way of telling that Putin would invade Ukraine and have his troops massacre innocent civilians in appalling war crimes, crimes against humanity, and acts of genocide.

In his hand-washing interview, as cited by The Daily Mail, Obama argued he doesn’t “know” that today’s Putin with his war in Ukraine is “the same person” that he knew as leader of Russia, prior to leaving office in 2017.

Never mind that the entire world is perfectly aware of Putin’s past as a street thug, a KGB operative, and a master of the Russian post-communist underworld.

Obama, however, just wondered why Putin would “bet the farm this way”, and stated he couldn’t have “predicted five years ago” that the Moscow tyrant would do what he is doing now in Ukraine.

Apparently, to Barack Obama, the much-celebrated Democrat ex-president of the United States of America, there were simply no clues.

None of this is actually mentioning that Obama’s guilt goes much further back. From 2010 to 2011, Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, started a “reset” of America’s relations with Russia.

Never mind that in 2008, Putin and Russia illegally invaded a smaller post-Soviet nation, Georgia, and stole much of its territory in a week-long war.