Obama-Honored BLM Man Tries to Kill Mayor Candidate, Gets Bailed Out

In a bizarre case, a young activist awarded by Barack Obama’s foundation tried to kill a Jewish Democratic mayoral candidate, only to be bailed out of jail almost immediately by BLM.

21-year-old Quintez Brown, a young activist of BLM, tried to kill Craig Greenberg, a Jewish Democrat running for mayor of Louisville, Kentucky.

Bailed Out by His Far-Left Comrades

By Thursday, however, the wannabe killer had already been released on $100,000 bail paid readily by Black Lives Matter, the Daily Mail reported.

The website of the Obama Foundation back then declared Quintez Brown as a “future star” and he could be seen smiling in photos behind the former Democrat president.

Reports say on Monday, the Obama-honored BLM activist entered the campaign headquarters of Craig Greenberg and opened fire.

Meanwhile, his lawyer, Rob Eggert, lashed out against those who think his client might have anti-Semitic motives. According to Eggert, what Brown suffers from a “mental health case,” not a hate crime.

The BLM activists, who used publicly donated funds to pay for Brown’s release, argued it would be safer for him at home. They claimed he has PTSD because of the COVID-19 pandemic and two years of “social unrest”.

The prosecution at first asked for a $75,000 bond for Brown’s release, but that was later increased to $100,000.

(Obama Foundation)
(Obama Foundation)

It’s Nearly Impossible to Believe

Brown’s release shortly after he got arrested for an assassination attempt caused public outrage.

Democrat mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg spoke out in strong words about how the case shows the American system for criminal justice “is clearly broken”.

Greenberg declared it nearly impossible to believe a person could try to commit an assassination on Monday, and then, on Wednesday, just “walk out of jail”.

He argued if there are people with a mental illness who are in custody, then their condition should be treated in custody. He urged everybody to help “fix this system”.

The same development was heavily criticized by Mitch McConnell, the United States Senate Minority Leader, who is himself a Republican from Kentucky.

McConnell described Quintez Brown as a far-left, “defund-the-police cheerleader” and fumed over his release from jail. He lambasted the radical left for bailing out “their comrade” less than 48 hours after he “literally tried to murder a politician”.

McConnell also declared that if a conservative activist did what Brown has done, the media would start a 24/7 national discussion about right-wing rhetoric, regardless of a potential right-wing suspect’s mental health condition.

Wannabe murderer Quintez Brown wrote a column for the Louisville Courier Journal. In this column, he routinely attacked both gun ownership and the police. That’s not to mention that he was even employed by the BBC as a commentator on race matters.