New Poll Released on Texas Gubernatorial Election

Democrats have had the state of Texas in their crosshairs for quite some time. As things currently stand, one of the biggest goals of the Democrat Party is to turn the Lone Star State into a blue state.

Democrats tried to make this happen during the 2020 presidential election. Yet, despite all the work to make Texas a blue state, it still went into Trump’s column during last year’s White House race.

Fast forward to now and the season of the 2022 Texas gubernatorial election is upon us. GOP Governor Greg Abbott already announced he’s seeking another term in the governor’s mansion.

Meanwhile, Beto O’Rourke is running to succeed Abbott. Yet, judging from a new poll, the Texas Democrat shouldn’t hold his breath on winning this race, as documented by Fox News.

Good News for Abbott, Bad News for O’Rourke

A poll run by Quinnipiac University shows Abbott 15 points ahead of O’Rourke. Meanwhile, Independent voters in the Lone Star State favor the Texas governor at a rate of 10 points higher than they favor O’Rourke.

To top it all off, the Texas governor also enjoys a 53% approval rating in his job as governor. Meanwhile, 52% of Texans have a supportive outlook on Abbott; O’Rourke, on the other hand, must contend with the fact that only 36% of Lone Star State residents view him favorably.

On a series of key issues ranging from abortion to gun policy and more, Abbott leads O’Rourke. There is not a single category of key issues where Texans collectively believe the Texas Democrat would do a better job than the current governor.

However, 47% of Texas residents do have an unfavorable outlook on O’Rourke. It goes without saying these latest details from Quinnipiac don’t bode well for the Texas Democrat’s goal of being governor.

When Will O’Rourke Learn His Lesson?

At this point, Beto O’Rourke should pick up on the reality that voters simply do not want him.

Texans rejected O’Rourke in 2018 when he ran to be a state senator. Likewise, O’Rourke was rejected yet again when he ran for the Democrat Party’s presidential nomination and didn’t make the cut.

Meanwhile, as O’Rourke pursues his gubernatorial run, he’s still standing by terrible policies, like taking away Texans’ guns. The Democrat is still supportive of opening the borders, treating law-breaking activities with kid gloves, etc.

The Quinnipiac poll only confirms what most people already knew. In the state of Texas, O’Rourke’s leadership is not wanted. Abbott’s double-digit lead over O’Rourke across multiple categories is also in keeping with the tide of Americans refusing to embrace more botched, left-wing leadership.

What do you think about this latest poll showing Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott with a very significant lead over Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke?