New Latina Congresswoman Mayra Flores Calls Out Biden on Immigration

Mayra Flores was elected in Texas’ 34th district to fill the seat of Filemon Vela, the former Democratic congresswoman of the district who quit to take a job with a lobbying firm.

Flores is the first Republican to be elected in the district since the 1800s and has overturned the electoral map.

The idea of a Latina conservative winning in a part of Texas right next to the border never crossed the mind of Democrat strategists.

What’s even worse for them is Flores is not one to keep her mouth shut and play at being polite and nice. She’s already received a heavy dose of hate and anger from the liberal media and she’s hitting right back.

Flores: Biden’s Policies Encouraging Illegals, Benefitting Cartels

Flores has been clear about her support of strong borders, prosperity, and American values. She’s proud of her Latina heritage and of the United States; there is no contradiction between the two.

Flores and many others like her live along the border and have seen the damage illegal immigration is doing. They know how cartels and human traffickers are making money off the most desperate and poor people. They want it to stop.

That’s why Flores recently pointed out that Biden’s policies have not been nearly strict enough and this allowed cartels to grow in power and influence.

Unlike her leftist colleagues who have called to “defund the police,” Flores says it’s time to “defund the cartels.”

Despite so many like Flores supporting harsher tactics against the cartels, the border is “out of control” as she said.

Biden’s rhetoric while running for POTUS and immediately upon taking office fundamentally encouraged illegal immigrants to give it a go. He benefited cartels immensely to spread their destruction and drugs all over America.

The Right Type of Taco

Flores said although Biden may have now changed his “words” about illegal immigration, his actions are speaking louder.

They’re telling illegal immigrants if they try hard enough, they can be set loose in America with no court date and earn money to send back home (and pay off the cartel fee).

As Flores said, Democrats are abusing illegal aliens and allowing cartel traffickers to make a buck off defenseless women and children and desperate families.

Flores noted that she is “embarrassed” and saddened by women and girls who are raped and abused by traffickers trying to enter the United States.

This comes as a result of the magnet created by the left and the false hope spread by the Democrats to try to scare up votes in the Latino community.

Hispanic Americans are Americans; assuming they support an open border is racist and incorrect.

Flores recently mocked CNN for attacking her, noting that maybe she’s not the “right taco.” Her remark is a joke about recent comments from first lady Jill Biden in which Jill claimed Latino Americans are similar to “breakfast tacos” and “bodegas.”

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.