‘Mysteriously,’ Yet Another Putin Opponent Dies

After a mysterious fall from a resort in India, the ‘highest-earning elected representative’ in Russia who criticized Vladimir Putin’s campaign in Ukraine has now been discovered dead.

Pavel Antov, a multimillionaire meat manufacturer and member of the principal pro-Putin party United Russia, was on a vacation to celebrate his forthcoming 66th birthday.

Reports on His Fall and Criticism

On Thursday of last week, a male party member died of a heart attack and the affluent politician passed away two days later.

In 2019, the married businessman, a member of the Vladimir region’s national legislature, was the highest-earning elected politician in Russia.

Alexei Idamkin, the Russian Consulate head in Kolkata, informed TASS that he fell out of a hotel room in Rayagada.

According to the ambassador, they are actively monitoring the inquiry and getting all details from the Odisha police. In June, Antov criticized the battle and airstrikes on Kyiv as Russian “horror” that was inflicting harm on Ukrainian citizens.

He drew attention to a Russian missile attack and stated the following:

“A girl has been rescued from the rubble and the girl’s father looks to have perished. The mother attempts to be extracted with a crane as she gets entrapped beneath a slab. It is almost impossible to describe this as anything other than horror.”

Evidently, he was then immediately subjected to considerable pressure, following which he retracted the remark and issued a contrite apology.

He stated his social media post was the result of a tragic misunderstanding and a technical mishap. He said he always backed the president and really embraced the objectives of Putin’s military action, but local journalists vehemently disagreed.


Per Indian press, the Russian tycoon “jumped” from the hotel roof and was discovered in a pool of blood. His Indian escort hurried him to the hospital, but a doctor pronounced him dead upon arrival.

The MP’s colleague, Vladimir Budanov, was recognized as a 61-year-old Russian, while two other individuals were unnamed.

Idamkin, a diplomat, said a tour party of four was residing at a hotel in Rayagada. Vladimir B., a Russian guy, passed away last Thursday. According to the authorities, a heart attack was the cause.

He added that a second Russian, Pavel Antov, a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir Region, fell out of a window on Saturday.

The Russian media site SHOT reported that Indian authorities do not rule out the likelihood that Pavel Antov killed himself after becoming devastated about the loss of his friend.

Vladislav Kartukhin, the vice-speaker of the Vladimir legislative assembly, verified the death of Antov at the three-star Sai International Hotel.

Antov leaves behind a wife and a daughter. According to an estimate by Forbes Russia, his stated yearly income for 2019 was $130 million.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.