Elon Musk Rips MSNBC Host ‘Lack of Joy’ Reid as ‘Sen. Karen’ Lobbyist

MSNBC host Joy Reid has rushed to "defend" Senator Karen from Elon Musk's "insults" by throwing wokeist insults in his face. (Shutterstock)

Elon Musk has become uncompromising in countering the anti-business, anti-entrepreneurship, and pro-socialist propaganda attacks launched by high-profile progressivist Democrats and their media stooges.

Earlier this week, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX destroyed radical leftist Democrat, Senator Elizabeth Warren, on Twitter.

‘Karen’ Insult Belongs to Wokeism, According to Joy Reid

Warren, a well-known socialist, attacked Musk right after he was declared the 2021 Person of the Year by Time Magazine.

The Massachusetts progressivist called Musk the “world’s richest freeloader”, and claimed he isn’t paying his taxes.

Musk issued a devastating reply in which he described Warren as “Senator Karen”. Musk compared Warren to the mother of a childhood friend of his who would just scream out randomly at people for no reason.

The billionaire added that he would be paying the highest amount of taxes in US history by any single person. He does face a stock options tax bill of over $15 billion in the next few months. Musk has been selling Tesla stock to raise cash.

Musk also jokingly tweeted, asking Senator “Karen” not to spend his tax dollars immediately…adding then that she, and the rest of the pro-socialist Democrat lawmakers, already spent everything in advance with their giant pork-barrel spending bills.

Warren tried to strike back subsequently with the weak-sounding retort that the world’s richest person seems to have “very thin skin.”

Then, pro-woke MSNBC host, Joy Reid, stepped in on Thursday. Reid launched a bewildering tirade, attacking Musk over his resistance to Warren’s socialist encroachments against innovation and private enterprise.

Reid actually accused Musk of “cultural appropriation” because he was “appropriating” the “Karen” insult since, according to the MSNBC host, it belongs to black people.

She went after the Telsa CEO by accusing him of stomping “his little feet”, and “insulting Senator Warren” as an “angry mom”.

The MSNBC host went on a very forceful tirade, claiming Musk was “misappropriating black vernacular”, i.e. the “Karen” insult, in order to use it “for misogynistic goals.”

‘Senator Karen’s Lobbyist’

Joy Reid also described Musk as “Junior Birdman” and the “absolute worst.” Of course, quite naturally, Musk had a response ready for Senator Karen’s MSNBC woke stooge.

Musk quickly described the liberal leftist media anchor as “(Lack of) Joy Reid.” He called her a “lobbyist for Sen. Karen” – simply because her tirade attacking him seemed so incredibly personalized and biased.

Elon Musk always has clever and quick comebacks to any leftist attacks coming his way. (Shutterstock)

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Senator Karen kept busy by penning an op-ed to urge her party to pack the Supreme Court with liberal justices to ensure the default victory of the leftist agenda.

Elon Musk hasn’t shied away from taking on any of the leftists stretching their socialist hands to grab hold of his wealth and business capital.

Last month, Musk famously responded to a pro-taxation tweet by Senator Bernie Sanders by saying he keeps forgetting the Vermont socialist is “still alive.”