Mitt Romney Trashes the Prospect of Trump 2024 Election Run

Growing dialogues about whether or not former President Trump will run for the White House in 2024 are emerging.

This has been largely fueled by a New York Times piece claiming the former president is not only going to run, but also remains set on announcing his candidacy this month.

The Times claimed Trump would do this to water down support for other possible GOP 2024 candidates and distract the public from investigations into the 2021 Capitol riots. Later, the former president came out and denied the story released by the Times.

However, not every single Republican is keen on seeing Trump make another run for the White House. Sen. Mitt Romney, for instance, recently sounded off against Trump making a comeback of any kind, as documented by Breitbart News.

The Latest From Romney on America and Trump

The Utah senator penned “America Is in Denial” for The Atlantic. In this piece, Romney warns that many people across the country are not realizing the various threats that stand against America.

This is when Romney called out Trump.

According to the Republican congressman, Trump poses a major danger. It is also Romney’s view that to have the former president make a comeback would only enable “sickness” within the nation and prevent any sort of cure from coming about.

In the strongest reference to 2024 election candidates, Romney proclaimed the nation needs a president with the capacity to unify Americans around what is actually true.

In regards to Joe Biden, Romney described him as a “good man” before saying Biden’s been incapable of pushing past mistrust, deception, and nonacceptance that exists in the United States.

The senator’s op-ed comes amid growing speculations about candidates outside of Trump who may be thinking of running for the 2024 GOP primary nomination.

Alternative Choices For 2024?

Barring Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis currently stands as the top possibility for a GOP 2024 candidate.

Some Republicans believe DeSantis should run with Trump as vice president; however, others believe DeSantis would be better served going for the presidency without Trump.

At this time, the Florida governor hasn’t confirmed that he has any objectives to run for the White House. However, supporters of him running without Trump haven’t held back on explaining why.

Some feel that DeSantis would bring forward the advantages of a Trump presidency without the drawbacks. Others have said they believe the Oval Office could use some new blood.

While it remains to be seen which candidates will run for the GOP nomination in 2024, Romney’s op-ed has not been well taken by Republicans who want to see Trump make a third run for the presidency.

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