Michelle Obama Pokes Her Head Back in Politics Ahead of Midterms

Some Democrat strategists have been suggesting Michelle Obama could be the Democratic presidential nominee in 2024.

Podcaster Joe Rogan recently even claimed Michelle Obama could defeat Donald Trump in 2024, an extremely dubious proposition.

Even though Michelle Obama’s potential presidential nomination remains a distant prospect, for the time being, it isn’t an impossible scenario.

At the end of 2021, one poll among Democrat voters found Michelle Obama is a leading top choice to be the party nominee for the 2024 election, barring Biden.

Kamala Harris was picked by 13% of the respondents, while Michelle Obama was second with 10%.

Obama Wants Back in the Spotlight

The former First Lady published a feisty call to action for Democratic Party supporters.

Her letter featured in the NYT ad was entitled “Fight for Our Vote.” Her main message was the very “future of our democracy” depends on whether her supporters are going to participate in the midterm elections.

It remains unclear whether her seemingly anti-Republican call to action is motivated by a desire to feature prominently once again in American politics, by fear Democrats will get crushed in the 2022 vote, or both.

Michelle Obama’s letter spoke of a “historic attack on voting rights”, as cited by CNN, evidently a reference to the electoral security legislation adopted by many Republican states.

The former Democrat First Lady’s letter comes against the backdrop of the Democrats’ eagerness to pass “voting rights legislation” on the federal level, thus crushing the constitutional autonomy of states.

To top it all off, Michelle Obama’s NYT ad letter was also signed by a total of 30 organizations active in the field of “voting rights” and “civic engagement.”

These include the NAACP, the Voto Latino Foundation, NextGen America, Fair Fight Action (led by Stacey Abrams), More than Just a Vote (backed by LeBron James), and Rock the Vote.

Pretending the GOP Wants to Disenfranchise Americans

Michelle Obama and the organizations supporting her state that they are united in their desire to “organize and turn out voters” for the upcoming midterm election.

She also put forth an action plan providing for the recruitment and training of no fewer than 100,000 volunteers by her NPO, “When We All Vote”, its allies, and for the registration of over one million “new voters”.

Obama further noted her “voting rights” coalition is also going to recruit thousands of lawyers.

Those would be supposedly to “protect American voters,” educate Americans about the “safety” of their vote, and convince 100,000 Americans to call their senator to back the “Freedom to Vote Act” and “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.”

Michelle Obama further wrote the 2022 efforts in favor of “voting rights” would be a continuation of the civil rights struggle.

She insisted her supporters “must give Congress no choice,” thus forcing her entire rhetoric pretending the Republican Party actually started a crusade to disenfranchise Democrat voters, which couldn’t be further from the truth.