Mexican Drug Cartel Employs Islamist Terrorists in Nightmarish Development

The mightiest Mexican drug cartel has joined forces with Islamist terrorists from the Middle East in order to learn their assault and guerrilla tactics.

This could potentially escalate into a nightmarish scenario for the United States, especially considering mass illegal immigration at the southern border.

Mexico’s Jalisco New Generation Cartel – known in Spanish with the acronym CJNG – appears to be widely copying the murderous tactics of al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and other Islamist terrorist networks from the Middle East.

Those include using explosive drones and landmines in order to unleash terror in the brutal murder of police officers, military service members, and members of rival gangs.

‘Committing Acts of Terrorism’

CJNG is now employing jihadist “technical advisors” from the Middle East, according to sources from Mexican security and law enforcement agencies cited by the New York Post.

Any ensuing steps in this collaboration might be dreadful for the United States especially because of Biden’s mass illegal immigration problem.

According to the report, Mexico’s most powerful cartel has made a decisive turn towards employing the guerrilla tactics of the Middle East Islamist terrorists to prevail against rival drug cartels and beat back encroachments by the Mexican government.

Robert Almonte, a security consultant based in Texas with expertise in Mexican organized crime, told the newspaper the CJNG adopted a philosophy that views as an enemy anybody who isn’t an ally.

This policy reaches not just rival cartels, but also law enforcement officers who refuse to be bribed and entire local communities.

Almonte said it isn’t a surprise the Mexican gangsters started to “consult with terrorists” since what they are committing “are acts of terrorism”.

DIY Landmines and Explosive Drones

Some of the most recent evidence of this collaboration is last week’s case in Tepalcatepec, Michoacan. Mexico’s military had to disarm 12 handmade landmines after one explosive wounded ten soldiers and caused damages to an armored vehicle.

The state of Michoacan is one of the most dangerous places in Mexico and tightly controlled by the CJNG. Last year, the state suffered more than 2,700 homicides, with another 200 so far this year.

Most of the explosive devices used by the Jalisco cartel consist of metal pipes containing gunpowder and are equipped with a detonator and a battery. They are buried and go off when a vehicle makes contact.

According to Texas-based cartel expert Almonte, using self-made landmines is logical since prior to that, it became the first Mexican drug cartel to use explosive drones.

In January, the CJNG bombed a camp of displaced people in a forest in Michoacan using a drone with explosives. The drone even filmed the attack, with footage showing how its explosives set trees on fire, which dozens of people were trying to escape.

The Jalisco cartel is presently are war with the United Cartels (Carteles Unidos), an alliance of Los Viagras, Cartel de Tepalcatepec, and other gangs.

The CJNC is led by “El Mencho”, whose real name is Nemesio Ruben Oseguera Cervantes. He is among the most wanted criminals in the United States and has a DEA bounty of $10 million.