Manhattan DA’s Wokeness Enrages NYPD’s First Black Female Chief

(Alvin Bragg's Twitter profile)

Wokeness’ favoritism of “crime reform” and “justice reform” has already led to terrifying crime explosions in many Democrat-run communities across the United States. The latest case is Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, seemingly a hardened wokeist.

His recent move to downgrade various crimes has caused Keechant Sewell, the new Commissioner of the NYPD, and the first black woman to hold the post, to be outraged and issue a grave warning.

Woke DA Deems Crimes ‘Not Worthy of Prison’

On Monday, the newly elected Manhattan DA, sent a memo to his staff, announcing sweeping and highly shocking changes as per the woke classic playbook.

Bragg’s changes include the downgrade of armed robbery charges from a felony to petty larceny in cases where a firearm may have been involved, but didn’t pose “genuine risk of physical harm.”

Even more shockingly, Bragg told his staff he isn’t going to seek “carceral” sentences, except in cases when criminals are found guilty of murder or a few other types of crimes that are “worthy” of prison.

Manhattan’s new woke DA also stated drug dealers will only face felony criminal prosecution if they perpetrate other crimes besides drug dealing.

Also, Bragg doesn’t intend to prosecute at all any of what are termed “quality-of-life” crimes, including possession of non-firearm weapons, turnstile jumping, prostitution, and marijuana possession.

Even against the backdrop of the growing number of crimes in NYC, Bragg made it clear he views prison as the very “last resort” as a punishment for crimes.

‘Effective Decriminalization’ of Major Crimes

Keechant Sewell, who was recently appointed as NYPD’s Commissioner by the new Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, is outraged over this

Sewell went ahead and sent an email to all of her subordinates at the NYPD, which was reported by the New York Post.

In it, she explained she “studied these policies” and is “very concerned” about the “safety” of the city’s police officers, as well as the public, businesses, and prospective victims.

Sewell warned these new changes “invite violence” against the law enforcement officers in NYC and civilians in general.

Furthermore, the first black woman to be NYPD Commissioner predicted the new DA’s changes would lead to the creation of “more open-air drug markets” and street use of drugs in Manhattan.

Sewell’s dreadful predictions for Manhattan also include a spike in gun violence, along with rising concerns about quality of life.

(Commissioner Keechant Sewell;s Twitter profile)

Mayor Eric Adams, who appointed Sewell, also endorsed Bragg for Manhattan DA, and even described him as a “great prosecutor.”

Bragg’s “criminal justice” wokeness has naturally outraged many residents of New York, as well as the unions of the NYPD, and the NYC Republican Party.

Paul DiGiacomo, the head of the Police Benevolent Association, went ahead and wondered why Bragg doesn’t simply provide drug dealers with business cards so they can announce they are “open for business”.