Los Angeles District Attorney Facing Recall Efforts

With crime growing in major cities, one group that undoubtedly plays a role in this is left-wing district attorneys.

District attorneys who ultimately don’t crack down on offenders send a dangerous message. In a nutshell, the message is that people can get away with law-breaking behavior, at least to a certain extent.

Ultimately, this leaves the community and especially vulnerable people within it at risk. As it turns out, growing numbers of people are deciding they simply don’t want to live in this way any longer.

This explains why people are rallying in Los Angeles to recall district attorney George Gascon, according to Washington Examiner.

The Beginning of the End For Gascon

Yesterday, the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters received 717,000 signatures on a petition designed to remove Gascon from office as the district attorney.

While just 567,000 signatures were mandated for this effort, drivers of the movement to recall the left-wing district attorney wanted to be sure they more than surpassed the benchmark.

As it turns out, many of the Los Angeles residents who want Gascon gone are victims’ rights supporters, law enforcement officers, and prosecutors.

They, along with the thousands of people who signed the petition for Gascon’s recall, believe the district attorney has failed to do his job.

After getting into office, Gascon made a commitment to handle criminal justice and police accountability in fair manners. However, what’s actually transpired over his tenure are major reductions in prison sentences for very serious offenders.

The people of Los Angeles have had enough and want to see real change put into effect.

Not the First to Go

If Gascon’s recall is successful, which it could very well be, he won’t be the first left-wing district attorney to get the boot from his constituents.

Earlier this year, the people of San Francisco, California also joined forces to recall their district attorney. This recall, like the one Gascon faces, ultimately boiled down to rising crime rates in the community and lack of action from the district attorney.

What’s been noted as remarkable in cases such as this is that San Francisco and Los Angeles are not Republican strongholds. They’re blue cities in a very blue state.

This, alone, speaks volumes about how much the aversion to living under mass crime runs. As it turns out, even people who vote blue in elections want to have a certain degree of safety in their communities.

Gascon, meanwhile, continues to rail against measures that actually keep criminals off the streets, such as cash bail requirements.

Do you think the people of Los Angeles will successfully recall the left-wing district attorney? Let us know in the comments area below what impacts you think this campaign will have.