Liberal Comedians Seem Doomed as AI Chatbot Gets Funnier

Liberal, leftist, Marxist, or just plain “politically correct” comedians may be about to meet their doom.

The new AI Chatbot may actually get to replace them; even an artificial intelligence bot’s jokes are now getting funnier than banal, dry jokes they tend to tell to try to avoid offending just about anybody (except for straight white men, of course).

Leftism is Humor’s Concentration Camp

The first truly alarmist warnings from comedians becoming known as “PC (political correctness) Culture” started to pop up in 2015-2017.

Little did those issuing them know that freedom of speech in the media, social media, the film industry, and even on the wider web would only go downhill from there.

These popular culture changes enforced by Big Tech and government censorship for years now have increasingly castrated comedy, to the point where “the comic mainstream” is not just boring, but outrageously dull.

Real comedy has always been a serious enemy persecuted by leftist dictatorships.

Soviet leader Joseph Stalin competed with China’s Mao for the title of the biggest mass murderer in the world, joked he really liked jokes about himself – and he had even collected three or four “concentration camps” of those.

As liberal leftist comedy is becoming duller by the day, the new AI chatbot ChatGPT, which became popular by being able to churn out decent writing pieces based on assignments and keywords, may as well emerge as a replacement for politically correct comedians.

Funnier than PC Comedy? Flori-duh!

Reports by Wall Street Journal and HotAir have looked at whether the ChatGPT could create comedy, jokes, and even puns. While its results are not incredibly impressive, they are certainly no worse than whatever liberal comedians are putting out there these days.

In one of the two experiments, the AI Chatbot was asked to produce a “pun” – to which he gave the old joke about the math book which was overburdened with “too many problems.”

Even though both reports described the ChatGPT reply as a “dad joke,” and not so much of a pun, they still noted it was a decent response.

Interestingly, the WSJ reporter tried to do a standup comedy show using only ChatGPT materials.

According to the report, the best the bot managed to come up with was the reply “Flori-duh” when asked which state had a short supply of common sense.

While the performance wasn’t exactly hilarious and very “witty,” one may argue that it was hardly worse than that of an average “liberal comedian.”

The HotAir report stressed even though the chatbot did not seem to comprehend the notion of a pun, it had a gigantic “library” of all the materials on the web from which it could draw its jokes.

Even without further improvements, AI technology may as well already be able to provide funnier comedy than the “politically correct” establishment comedians.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.