‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Mask Gets Passenger Kicked Off Flight

An airline passenger was forced by flight attendants to get off his flight simply because he was wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon” face mask.

It’s the ‘Comment You’ve Written on There’

The man with the “Let’s Go Brandon” face mask was removed from Allegiant Airlines by airline staff. The whole incident has been revealed through a TikTok video shared on Twitter by an account called “Libs of TikTok”.

The video shows an Allegiant Airlines flight attendant arguing with a middle-aged male passenger.

The stewardess can be heard asking the man to change his mask, saying he cannot have that mask because of the “comment you’ve written on there.”

The actual inscription on the mask cannot be seen, but the caption of the video states it is “Let’s Go Brandon”, a phrase now widely understood to mean “F*** Joe Biden”.

Towards the end of the minute-and-a-half-long video, the man, who refused to change his mask, can be seen picking his belongings from the overhead compartment and walking away from his seat.

It’s ‘Disobeying’ the Stewardess

The incident was confirmed by Allegiant Airlines in a statement to Fox Business, which claimed the passenger had to be taken off the plane because he disobeyed the flight attendant.

The Allegiant Airlines statement didn’t say anything about whether the passenger violated the policy with the Let’s Go Biden slogan or whether he’d been misbehaving onboard.

Allegiant only announced the viral social media footage shows “part of an incident” and the passenger was refusing to heed to the requests of crew members to stick to “the federal face mask policy”.

It added the passenger was given a refund for his ticket after he was taken off the flight.

Allegiant Airlines declared in its statement that federal regulations prohibit the “disregarding” of instructions by flight crew members; this sort of conduct “creates an unsafe environment” and it is a reason for the removal of passengers from flights.

The airline company also claimed the removal of passengers is “never made lightly” and does not occur often.

The company felt obliged to remind that back in April of last year, the Federation Aviation Administration instituted a policy of zero tolerance towards “unruly passenger behavior.” That behavior “includes failure to comply” with the de facto orders of crew members.

The “Let’s Go Biden” slogan emerged back in October when an NBC News reporter covering a NASCAR race claimed the audience’s chants of “F*** Joe Biden” were actually “Let’s Go Brandon” in support of racecar pilot Brandon Brown.

The Allegiant Airlines incident is the second one in the past few weeks in which the LGB slogan is involved. In the previous case, in January, a passenger with a “Let’s Go Brandon” face mask was asked to change it on a flight from Cleveland, OH, to Tampa Bay.

Prior to that, also in January, a passenger of American Airlines complained about a pilot’s case bearing an LGB sticker. In response, American Airlines put the pilot under investigation.