CNN in Full Disarray after Chief’s Sex Affair with Senior Executive

CNN appears to be in complete disarray after its controversial long-time chief Jeff Zucker was forced to resign because of his secret love affair with a top management co-worker.

‘Terrorist Chris Cuomo’ Adopts ‘Scorched Earth’ to Get ‘His Money’

Both Zucker and his “secret lover”, CNN’s Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Allison Gollust, admitted to the relationship, which appears to have been a “public secret” inside the network.

Zucker had been the president of CNN since 2013 and a key figure for the network’s far-left turn.

He was forced to ax Chris Cuomo over revelations that the latter used his position as a journalist in order to influence coverage of the sexual harassment accusations against his elder politician brother.

That’s not even mentioning that Zucker may have been involved in helping former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Chris Cuomo’s lawyers are said to be pressing the network on that matter.

To top it all off, before coming to CNN together with Zucker, his senior executive lover Gollust served as Andrew Cuomo’s PR director.

All of these revelations have caused a chaotic internal situation in CNN, as exposed by audio of a meeting of the network’s top anchors, which was leaked by Business Insider.

To the Anchors of CNN, Perceptions Equals Reality

During the meeting, the anchors wondered whether Zucker had consulted anybody about his “decision” to resign. Anchor Jake Tapper was particularly harsh as he described his colleague until recently as a “terrorist.”

Tapper also demanded that Jason Kilar, the CEO of CNN’s parent, Warner Media, tackle the “perception” Zucker was ousted because he refused to pay Cuomo the $18 million.

According to the report, Warner Media CEO Kilar insisted that Zucker go immediately after Cuomo’s lawyers told the Warner and AT&T bosses about the CNN chief’s affair. Zucker himself wanted to stay until the completion of a $43 billion AT&T deal with Discovery.

During the CNN anchors’ meeting, Kaitlan Collins, chief White House correspondent, said Tapper’s description of the blackmail by Chris Cuomo was exactly what happened and not so much just “perception”.

Jim Acosta, CNN’s chief domestic correspondent, worried after Zucker’s resignation, the network would face “pretty serious consequences” and its value would devolve.

However, he bizarrely praised Zucker for being there during the Trump administration because CNN would have probably been taken out and would now seem like “Fox News Lite”.

The latest reports say CNN is now offering Chris Cuomo a payout of $9 million, half of the money left on his contract, because his legal team is threatening a lawsuit over Zucker’s alleged conflict of interest.

This is due to the former CNN president’s own involvement with ex-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and not just the disgraceful sex scandal.